The difference Between the Gym and Real Life

Fitness Goals

The gym and real life can be very different from each other. There are times when you push your seemingly light closet; you cannot do so, when in fact you can push tremendous weights on your bench press. So people who are training in the gym and have fitness goals would find it hard to apply their training in the outside world.

fitness goalsIn order to fill in the gaps, you may need to put on the list of your fitness goals the strength to balance your body without extra support. Most trainers advise to lift and from the core. Such postures are undeniably important for most of the movements you make. But the down side about training for strength is that you forget three of the most important things about it.
First, when you are lifting weights, it should be in a managed environment. It should also have gripping pints as well as safety points.

Second, at the gym, you know the exact weight of a particular thing. But at home, you cannot simply weigh that specific thing to know how it weighs. If a sofa weighs 50 pounds then it weighs 50 pounds. You cannot simply change your sofa.

Lastly, in real life, you must have a full range of motion. Unlike in gyms, where you have to put them up and down only, real life requires you to turn right or left while carrying that particular thing.

Your gym training will be useless if you cannot use them in real life. Your fitness goals should include using your acquired talent in real life. Thus, try to get out of that machine and exercise your full range motion.…

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Build Muscles: Testosterone Helps Build Muscles Fast But Has Risks

Fitness Tips

Testosterone can build muscles very quickly just like most performance-enhancing drugs. Some athletes used testosterone to improve athletic ability and recover time. However, this drug carries major health risks that are not yet fully understood.

Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants has been suspended for 50 games without pay for using testosterone. It is still unknown what kind of testosterone did Cabrera use. There are two kinds of testosterone, natural and synthetic, but both are a form of anabolic steroid. Testosterone is naturally produced by the body to promote growth in human and to regulate masculine characteristics including development of sex organs in men.

lifetime fitnessBuild muscles and quick recovery are the two main goals of athletes who use steroids. Testosterone is proven to help build muscles fast and even beyond what the body would normally handle. It also reduces recovery time, making users to train with little rest needed.

Meanwhile, it is also important to note that testosterone is useful to patients with muscle-wasting diseases just like AIDS and cancer.

However, side effects are fatal because it should be administered regularly for a long period of time for it to become effective. Side effects include circulatory and heart problems, abnormal cholesterol levels, and liver damage. Abuse of testosterone may also cause prostate cancer.

Men who use testosterone to build muscles may become infertile. However, the full ranges of side effects of testosterone in athletes are still unknown since it would be unethical for researchers to make a scientific study to athletes regarding steroid abuse.

Testosterone certainly can help build muscles and other benefits are potentially there but it has those negative points too.…

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Lifetime Fitness: Three Types of Weight Training Discipline

There are many options for you to choose if you want strength training. Sometimes it is hard for you to choose and you do not know where to start.

All you have to do is to know your goals and strategy. The following would help you decide whether to go for body weight, machines or free weights.

Body Weight Training

While body weight training is good for your heart, it is also used to build bigger muscles and increase strength. Bodyweight training is good for everyone who does not have time and money to go to the gym or buy equipment. It is also good for people who already experience injury because of weight lifting equipment machines or who frequently experience soreness. Bodyweight exercises can give you flexibility while improving the health of your heart. Bodyweight training includes sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups.

The disadvantage of this kind of strengthening training is that weight always stays the same. Even though you can add weights as you go along, you put yourself to a high risk of injury. Bodyweight training is only advice if you are just started building muscles.

Machine Weight

Weight machines are very popular to bodybuilders or strength-trainers. The number one reason of their popularity is the high-powered support they give. Machines are easy to use and give support to avoid injury.

The disadvantage of weight machines is also the advantage. They are so supportive making you use fewer muscle groups simultaneously. As a result, you only burn fewer calories.

Free Weight

Free weights are the most preferred weight training discipline because they allow you to move naturally and you can customize your workout for your weaknesses.
The disadvantage is that they are very time consuming and sometimes can cause injury. You need also to know how to use the system to have effective weight training discipline.…


Lifetime Fitness Approach to Build Muscle for Average Person

Most people who want to build muscle fast buy magazines with different tips on how to be like the people in the magazine. However, most of those guys just do not exercise much just like what you read. Most of them are just genetically gifted and never started training just like what they mentioned. Their routines are not effective to average person.

The following are tips to build muscle fast for average person to prevent physical and mental overtraining from doing too much at start.

Get more strength power. The stronger you are, the more muscle you have. Take a strengthening training. You may try weight training. It is usually good to everyone because it allows you to start light and adds you muscles. Start light and learn proper technique. As you go along, add weight to your bar and continue to push for your desired muscles.

Consider free weights. Barbells allow you to lift the heaviest weights. The more you put stress, the more muscles will form. Use dumbbells for assistance exercises. Do not use machines unless necessary.

• Machines can cause injury because of your fixed and unnatural movement patterns during exercise while free weights just go with your motion.
• Free weights can make you control and balance the weight allowing you to easily gain muscles while machines only balance the weight for you.
• Free weights are really cost effective especially when you plan just to exercise at home.

Don’t do isolation exercises. While isolation exercises are fine, they are not advisable for starting to build muscles. Exercises that hit different muscles at the same time are much better.
Exercise your legs. Squat and Deadlifts exercises hit your entire muscles. They work your body as one and allow you to lift heavy weights. Squat & Deadlift heavy weights are better than Biceps Curls.

Take time to recover. Pro athletes train hard 5 or 6 times a week but they did not begin that way. As a starter, you need time to recover yourself.

• Muscles grow while resting not during your workout. Start by doing full body workout 3 times a week and focus on intensity not on the time of exercise.
• Take at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. Growth hormone releases during sleep. You may take a nap after every workout.
• Drink water at least 2 cups each meal and sip water during workout to avoid dehydration and help muscle recover.
• Fill your body enough calories for recovery.

Eat natural foods. Eating whole foods give you many nutrients and fewer fats. Additionally, vitamins and minerals help in recovering.

Eat a lot. In muscle building, training is a primary concern than diet. Eat more for optimal energy.
• Don’t skip breakfast because you need to get calories from the start of your day.
• Eat after workout, especially foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates to help muscle recovery and replenish your energy.
• Eat every 3 hours to give your muscle a constant intake of protein, help muscle repair and recovery and boost your metabolism.
• Track your everyday intake of calorie to maintain weight.

Gain weight. You must gain weight to look good with your muscular body.

Take protein. You need 1g protein per pound of body-weight everyday to maintain and build muscle. You may take whole proteins every meal.

Lifetime-Fitness.net (c) 2012…

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The Cost-Friendly Fitness Tips

With the advent of year 2012, you are really doing your best to include getting fit and improving health in your resolution list. Given that the economy is ailing with more financially challenges to come, you are really forced to hold your pocket and minimize your expenses. But if you are really determined to get in better shape with minimized expenses, then the ways provided below are suit for your lifetime fitness goals.

Participating in community sports events in your location

You can look for events such as basketball, baseball or even soccer that are hosted by your community. Getting involved in these activities could help you become fit without spending more money.

Park Workout

Parks you see are always free. They are also the perfect place where you can do your physical training. Boost your health by taking advantage of the pull up bars and walking tracks on the playgrounds.

Walking to Working

If your job is not that far from your house, perhaps you might try walking instead of riding a vehicle. Doing this way would warm your body and get ready for more paper works.

Daily Biking

Boost the way your heart pumps by biking around your neighborhood.

House Cleaning

Try cleaning your house and have that sweat come out. You can burn more calories from doing this. Thus, it eventually helps you achieve your lifetime fitness goals.

Have that Music Played and Dance All You Can

Almost everyone loves music. But it would be nicer if you go with the flow that music does. Dance just like you never did it before and make that muscle pop out.

Jump With That Rope

Jumping Ropes might be too old to do. However, this one would be perfect to burn your calories down.

Workout DVDs

DvDs showing you how to properly work out might be helpful to gain positive results. You can buy them or borrow from your friends.

Lift Weights at Home

There are always things that you see in your house as an alternative to weights in the gym.

Eating Habit Changes

A simple change in the way you eat would really help you. You do not have to go on a diet plan that could be very expensive.

All of the tips above are known to have benefits for your lifetime fitness goals. But without persistence and the heart to strive hard, do not expect for good results.…

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Ways for Proper Work Out

Everyone wants to exercise to get that lifetime fitness as one of the New Year’s Resolutions. However, you might get yourself in a bad situation once you do exercising in an improper way. Below are tips you can follow to always stay safe when going to the gym:

A Three-Day and One Hour Work Out Per Week
A study conducted by the researchers at the University of Pittsburg revealed that an hour of exercise three days a week is effective in maintain a 10 percent weight loss and that mixing exercise with calorie control can help you get a higher chance of being successful in weight loss. Kinesiology instructor Charles Gremillion explained that a suitable frequency for attaining lasting results can be proven by working out three days a week. He added that people should be consistent in their exercise routine in order to have better lifetime fitness results.

Have Yourself Checked
Facing in front of the mirror while working out can guide you for effective form of exercising, according to Women’s Health Magazine. Also, those people who plan to work out should have a medical screening first with a physician for safety purposes.

Stretching Matters
Some health problems such as sports injuries and arthritis can be prevented when you stretch prior to your exercise. An article in Women’s Health notes that your flexibility and blood flow in the body are increased by stretching before and after working out. It generally reduces the risk of having strains in your muscles.

Slow Weight Lifting
According to Women’s Health Magazine, lifting weights in a hasty way is less effective. It is better for your lifetime fitness goals when you take slow when lifting weights since more muscle fibers can be activated this way. The muscle tendons can be strained of injured when you lift weights that are beyond your capacity. According to a fitness enthusiast Noble Abraham, workout beginners should start with small weights before going to those heavier ones.

Make That Cardio Work
Many fitness experts agree that the levels of lifetime fitness levels are increased by aerobic activities such as cross-country, swimming and step aerobics. Cardio activity also helps you to prevent the occurrence of cancer and diseases by improving the strength of the heart for blood flow in your body.

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