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Jessica Simpson Shares Her Lose Weight Struggle

Jessica has shared her struggle to lose weight since having her baby.

Jessica agreed to be the model of Weight Watchers and is on a mission to lose weight but she admits it is been a difficult task.

Thirty-two years old Jessica gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1 and admits she let herself indulge in everything during her pregnancy. Simpson says that she wanted to enjoy her first time pregnancy and let herself eat whatever she liked. She did not know that the weight did not come off with the baby.

Jessica SimpsonJessica has started an intense workout routine but she still has difficulty to run with her very big breasts.

Jessica, who is engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson, is attempting to lose weight effectively through healthy method and says it is difficult to bounce back after her weight gain.

She has not disclosed how much she gained in her weight but sources claim Simpson gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy.

According to Jessica, her body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. She describes herself as an everyday woman who is trying to be healthy for her daughter, herself, and her fiancé as well as striving to feel good.…


Determining Realistic Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

Whether you want to build muscles or lose weight, it is essential to plan your workout to fit your fitness goals. It is common to most people to decrease their enthusiasm as their fitness goals get further. The best way not to give up your exercise along the way is to set realistic fitness goals and that you have a detailed plan to attain them.

Common Fitness Goals

Always failing your goals may mean either you set unrealistic goals or you are not equipped with enough knowledge to achieve them. You should know what you want and the right approaches or techniques to get desired results.

fitness goalsLosing fat is probably the most popular goal nowadays and to be successful you need to burn more calories than you consume. Burning extra 500 calories each day will mean losing around a pound a week.

While lose weight is popular in search engines, there are also many people who have difficulty keeping the weight on. If this is your case, you might be looking to build muscle that is also difficult just like losing weight. Careful attention to diet is also needed in building muscles. You should eat more calories than you are burning and lift heavy weights. By simply lifting weights, you can surely gain muscles but if you want to put some size, it requires extra work, calories and commitment.

The simplest fitness goal is maybe to become just healthy. Even now you can start being healthy by drinking some water, eat fruits and vegetables, take a walk and many more things you could do.…

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Why Is It So Hard to Lose the Last Ten Pounds? And Why Is It Harder to Lose Weight the Smaller You Get?

Anyone who tried to lose weight is familiar with those final five or ten pounds. If you search in Google and type “last ten pounds” you will get different weight loss advice.

The main reason for this very hard to lose last five or ten pounds is what they commonly called diet fatigue. This happens because of repetitive behaviors that dieting requires such as weighing portion sizes, keeping a food journal and skipping glass of wine. These things are hard to manage and often boring.

Dieters become less careful without realizing it. However, there is an easy solution for this. If your weight started to decrease slower than before, just write down what you eat in a food journal. Keeping food journal is always important.

There is also a possibility on the need for recalculation. Metabolic rate drops when a person starts to lose weight. In straightforward manner, that person needs fewer calories to get basic functioning and requirements. A 160-pound woman will drop her metabolic rate when she will drop to 140-pound. This is the reason why it is necessary to reevaluate caloric needs after more than ten pounds of weight loss.

lose weightTaking fewer calories in maintaining a lower body weight does not solely mean you need to eat less volume. Although, eating less volume maybe needed, fewer calories consumption may achieve by eating more nutrient dense foods with fewer calories such as vegetables, lean meats, vegetables, etc.

There is another thing to consider about metabolism which is called metabolic adaptation.

When trying to lose weight, the body is forced to function on a reduced number of calories everyday. Eventually, your body will get used to it without losing weight. This survival mechanism of the body is its way to protect you from starvation. Once you get this stage, your body will only lose a few pounds that come off much more slowly and you will not realize that the pounds you lose may start to come back.

So, what you do about this? The answer is not exercise but this does not mean you will stop to exercise. Please continue to do so. Many articles would tell you that building muscle mass will rev up your metabolisms since muscle tissue burns more calories per hour than fat tissue. This is true but the difference in caloric burn rate is just minor.

Metabolic adjustment phase is the solution in addition to food journal efforts and calorie intake recalculation. Increasing meal sizes for two weeks is advised rather than reducing calories. This phase is not for you to lose weight but it is intended to allow the ability of your body to metabolize an increasing number of calories.…

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A New Study Concludes Effective Weight Loss Strategies

A new study suggested that if you want to get rid of your extra pounds, you should not skip your meals. The study is the first to examine how changes in weight are affected by meal patterns, self-monitoring and eating behaviours. It reveals that a person who records what and how he eats and drinks in a food journal is more likely to lose weight.

lose weightThe findings of the study were based on women whose eating habits were tracked. These women, whose average age was 50 to 75 years, participated in the year-long dietary weigh-loss study. According to the researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, women who kept food diaries lost more pounds than those who did not. They discovered that those women who paid close attention to what they are eating can lose weight in just a shorter period of time.

From beginning to the end, the study assessed the dietary chance in the participants by asking them to complete a 120-item food-frequency questionnaire. At the end of the study, the researchers found that self-monitoring had really helped women to lose an average of 10 percent of their starting weight.

Moreover, the leading author of the study, Ann McTierman, concluded that basic strategies such as eating less and maintaining a food diary are very helpful for those people who want to lose weight successfully.…

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Food Journal as Effective Tool for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A research study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found the importance of keeping a food journal to people aiming to achieve weight loss.

According to the researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the condition of overweight and obese post-menopausal women is linked to their self-monitoring and diet-related patterns and behavior. They found that participating women who kept food journals lost more pounds that those who disregarded their food intake. What is more interesting is that, the findings revealed that a person is more likely to lose more pounds by skipping meals than those who eat less frequently.

Weight lossThe lead author of the study suggests the need to know what food is eaten and how much food is consumed to make weight loss efforts effective.

Unrealistic goals are often the main barriers to losing weight, the study notes. It is impossible for a man weighing 250 pounds to lose 125 overnight. That is very unrealistic. It is advisable to start getting rid 5 to 10 percent of you starting weight.

Moreover, the researchers offered weight loss tips. Study participants were told that they should be honest when recording everything in their food journals and that the food portions they eat should be accurate. Also, they recommend the need for accountability while losing weight.…

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Weight Loss Guide Reveals Top 5 Weight Loss Diet Myths

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 35.7% of adult Americans are overweight. American obesity is truly rising in numbers and it’s already becoming palpable that not all written regarding weight loss are facts. Men and women become dispirited due to perplexity with fictitious information and confusing assertions. Now weight loss guide decided to determine the fact about weight loss from the wealth of embellishments and fictions leading the consciousness of incompatible thoughts about weight loss.

Here are the answers to the Top 5 Myths to losing weight

weight loss1.) Everyone must intake 2,000 calories per day.
Weight, height, gender, and movement levels all play a part to lifetime fitnessand to a person’s obliged day by day calorie ingestion. The amount of calories a person should eat is reliant on such aspects.

2.) With starvation diets, quick weight loss is achievable.
The body experiences hibernation and will try to accumulate body fat instead of burning it when an individual is having an intake of too few calories. Ultra low calorie plans are harmful and can destroy your metabolism if not merged with either injections or HCG drops.

3.) Salad is for all time good for your health.
Usually, salad is mixed up with croutons, high calorie dressing, and dried fruits. When such ingredients are being mixed in, a single serving of salad can add up to 1,000 calories and even more. In other words, picking a salad may effect in elevated calorie ingestion than a cheeseburger.

4.) Vegetarian diets forever endorse weight loss.
Having a vegetarian diet does not all the time assure and support weight loss. Oftentimes, vegetarian diets contain high amounts of carbohydrates, calories, and sugar.

5.) Exercise and weight loss plans are the only means to lose some weight.
There are other ways to help you shed those unwanted fats. While having a healthy diet and doing some work outs are forever suggested, weight loss goods such as diet pills can also encourage weight loss independently. Fat burner intakes, metabolism shots or carb-blockers can aid in a person’s goal to lose those extra weight without the need to exercise or have a diet. But it’s still important to consult the experts first to be sure of the safety standards of the pills you’re taking.

Weight Loss

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