Fitness Tips: Improve Heart Health and Lose Weight by Simply Walking

Many people these days see the need to follow fad diet for them to lose weight quickly. The truth is that there is no effective and safe quick lose weight program. The right process for losing weight is gradual and involves determination from people who want to lose weight and get healthy lifestyle. Walking is one of the simplest and safest forms of exercise that will help you to get desired results.

walkingWalking will not only benefit people who want to lose weight but also to those with heart condition. It lowers the bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and raises the high-density lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol). Results of several studies showed that people who walk an average of 30 to 60 minutes per day have less chance of developing cancer and heart disease.

Walking can also lower blood pressure and help strengthens the immune system. People who have difficulty in breathing can be benefited from walking.

Taking a walk around three miles per hour can burn as much as 263 calories every hour. If you can increase the pace, you can burn as much as 366 calories per hour.

Make sure to warm-up by stretching your muscles prior starting your walking routine. Cooling down after walking is equally important to avoid muscle pain and injury. Slowing down your pace at the near end of walking is a great cool down exercise.

Choose a place where there are lots of people who also do walking or running exercise. This will add motivation for you to walk and it feels great to be surrounded with people doing exercises as you do.…


Lifetime Fitness Routines for Modern Lifestyle

Many office workers gain weight because of lack of time to exercise. However, you can still exercise while at work. The following are some tips to lose weight while at work.

Stand when you have an opportunity
Standing once in a while is a great way to burn calories. You may move around while talking someone over the phone.

Swap coffee or snack breaks to fitness break
Office works normally have time for snack or coffee breaks. Instead of taking those breaks, take a fitness break. You may go for a brisk walk or you may do some stretching to distress. If possible take your office friends with you while socializing along with them.

Try Walking Going to Work
This is only ideal if you live near the workplace. You may ride your bike if you do not want to walk. It is a great work out for your excess fat.

If you often early in the airport try to walk
This is ideal to those who travel a lot. Try to walk and bring something that you can carry.

Meetings on the go
If you can have a meeting of your colleague while walking, do so. This is a great way to rejuvenate yourself as well as your co-worker.

Skip the elevator
Most office workers are now working in a high-rise building and if you are one of them, try to skip the elevator. The higher your office, the more calories you burn.

Communicate personally
Most offices today have intercoms for internal communications. Try walking towards your colleague and talk to them personally. It is also a refreshing break from boring computer screen.

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The Cost-Friendly Fitness Tips

With the advent of year 2012, you are really doing your best to include getting fit and improving health in your resolution list. Given that the economy is ailing with more financially challenges to come, you are really forced to hold your pocket and minimize your expenses. But if you are really determined to get in better shape with minimized expenses, then the ways provided below are suit for your lifetime fitness goals.

Participating in community sports events in your location

You can look for events such as basketball, baseball or even soccer that are hosted by your community. Getting involved in these activities could help you become fit without spending more money.

Park Workout

Parks you see are always free. They are also the perfect place where you can do your physical training. Boost your health by taking advantage of the pull up bars and walking tracks on the playgrounds.

Walking to Working

If your job is not that far from your house, perhaps you might try walking instead of riding a vehicle. Doing this way would warm your body and get ready for more paper works.

Daily Biking

Boost the way your heart pumps by biking around your neighborhood.

House Cleaning

Try cleaning your house and have that sweat come out. You can burn more calories from doing this. Thus, it eventually helps you achieve your lifetime fitness goals.

Have that Music Played and Dance All You Can

Almost everyone loves music. But it would be nicer if you go with the flow that music does. Dance just like you never did it before and make that muscle pop out.

Jump With That Rope

Jumping Ropes might be too old to do. However, this one would be perfect to burn your calories down.

Workout DVDs

DvDs showing you how to properly work out might be helpful to gain positive results. You can buy them or borrow from your friends.

Lift Weights at Home

There are always things that you see in your house as an alternative to weights in the gym.

Eating Habit Changes

A simple change in the way you eat would really help you. You do not have to go on a diet plan that could be very expensive.

All of the tips above are known to have benefits for your lifetime fitness goals. But without persistence and the heart to strive hard, do not expect for good results.…

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