Build Muscles: Testosterone Helps Build Muscles Fast But Has Risks

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Testosterone can build muscles very quickly just like most performance-enhancing drugs. Some athletes used testosterone to improve athletic ability and recover time. However, this drug carries major health risks that are not yet fully understood.

Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants has been suspended for 50 games without pay for using testosterone. It is still unknown what kind of testosterone did Cabrera use. There are two kinds of testosterone, natural and synthetic, but both are a form of anabolic steroid. Testosterone is naturally produced by the body to promote growth in human and to regulate masculine characteristics including development of sex organs in men.

lifetime fitnessBuild muscles and quick recovery are the two main goals of athletes who use steroids. Testosterone is proven to help build muscles fast and even beyond what the body would normally handle. It also reduces recovery time, making users to train with little rest needed.

Meanwhile, it is also important to note that testosterone is useful to patients with muscle-wasting diseases just like AIDS and cancer.

However, side effects are fatal because it should be administered regularly for a long period of time for it to become effective. Side effects include circulatory and heart problems, abnormal cholesterol levels, and liver damage. Abuse of testosterone may also cause prostate cancer.

Men who use testosterone to build muscles may become infertile. However, the full ranges of side effects of testosterone in athletes are still unknown since it would be unethical for researchers to make a scientific study to athletes regarding steroid abuse.

Testosterone certainly can help build muscles and other benefits are potentially there but it has those negative points too.…

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Learn Why Men Should have Higher Testosterone Level

Almost all men want to lose weight in order to have a physically-fit body. There are many health platforms being recommended, but many are also found ineffective. A study shows that an increase in the levels of a male’s testosterone is likely to result in lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol level and minimized extra pounds.

The study found out that overweight men can have the chance to lose weight by increasing their testosterone levels. Unlike other health strategies, injecting testosterone is likely to have no side effects. In fact, it is proven that this method has no increased risk of prostate cancer.

The findings of this study led to the growing number of obese men who are looking for an injection of the hormone. It is concluded that the higher the testosterone level, the higher chance for getting rid of more pounds.

Many believe that the levels of testosterone become low if the person gets older. However, that notion is absolutely wrong. Testosterone levels depend on how you treat yourself. It reflects on how healthy your lifestyle is. According to the study, men with lower testosterone levels are often those who have bigger belly. It might be good for you to lose weight and reduce your big belly if you really want to become healthy.…

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Higher Testosterone Level Helps Lose Weight

A new study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of testosterone therapy in men’s health. According to the study’s findings, normal levels of testosterone can allow older obese men to lose weight and become healthy.

Results reveal that those obese men who were injected with the male hormone saw significant improvements in their weight. They were also found with lower level of blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol after the injection. In fact, the researchers discovered that the method shows lower risk of prostate cancer. They note that if testosterone levels are restored to normal, overweight men can lose weight and get rid of those extra pounds.

The authors of the study disclosed why higher testosterone levels are good to the health of men. They concluded that men’s motivation, energy and lean body mass are improved to do physical activities when the testosterone level is increased.

Moreover, the study unveiled alarming warning about lower testosterone levels. It found out that men with lower testosterone are likely to have type 2 diabetes mellitus, higher risk of obesity and high blood pressure, which are all deadly.

Nonetheless, positive mental thinking plays a big role in the person’s determination to lose weight. A person who feels stronger and better is likely to lose more pounds because he is motivated to exercise more.…

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