Triathlon for Beginners

One of most exciting yet body and mind challenging sports event ever made is the sport called triathlon. This event includes an extensive 3-hour struggle of swimming, cycling and running, for typical ones of course. The training for this can start from 21 weeks and more, depending on the level of your fitness. That is why you have to seek fitness tips from a licensed expert before charging in to battle.

lifetime fitnessFew months before the actual triathlon are the great time for newbie and old ones to prepare for the event. Off-season is the perfect time for this. Jeff Castles of the Cork Triathlon Club said that most athletes who train a combination of aerobic and strength training and a developed proper techniques during winter season will have good performance in the 2013 season. It usually occurs from May-September. You will have enough time to sort out your fitness goals.

Now, the Cork Triathlon Club is planning to provide their members with turbo-trainer, which will be their edge in the competition. This new add-on can make normal bikes to be to be used as stable exercise bicycles. This means that trainee will not have to worry about safety. This training also allows trainees to concentrate more on cycling without exposing yourself to the cold and wet snow.

Triathlon athletes or Triathletes also enhance their talent in running. They run in clubs throughout the country during the winter season. Yet, Castles said that with the increasing surge of fame of sprint triathlons, 700- meter swim, 20-km cycle and 6-km run, athletes should focus on the swimming part of the competition. And if you are able to do these things, you would probably attain lifetime fitness.…

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Lifetime Fitness | Building Muscle Without Weights

There are many workout DVDs available promising you that if you lift weights you have a chance to be like the model guy in the DVD. Sure, you may be gaining muscle in lifting weights but this is not enough.

Maybe, you have just heard or tried food supplements too hoping to get desired results but everything just faded away. If you feel you are just wasting your time and money on different methods to build muscle, don’t worry because you are not the only one missing important information on how to build muscle without weights.

Actually, building muscles has no special techniques or equipment required. The best method you can practice is to focus on what groups of muscles you want to develop depending on what sports you want to be in.

Jogging – – This is great in developing leg and back muscles.

Swimming – – You can try different styles of swimming to target different group of muscles.

Climbing – – This require a lot of skills but it is a great way to develop different group of muscles including back, arms and legs. Steady practice is required for this sport to get excellent results.

Aerobic – – This exercise can be applied to anyone. It can give you muscular and well tone body. Do not think that this is just for women. There are many great aerobic trainers who are men.

Push-up – – This is very common in guides on how to build muscles without weights. It can develop strengths in the chest, back and triceps as well as improve resistance and strength.

Pull-ups – – This can give form to your muscles in shoulders, arms and back. You may proceed to the next level with this exercise by adding weights on the back or ankles such as sand bags.

There are many exercises and sports wherein you can build muscles without weights. All you need are hard work and determination to achieve your goal.…

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