Ways for Proper Work Out

Everyone wants to exercise to get that lifetime fitness as one of the New Year’s Resolutions. However, you might get yourself in a bad situation once you do exercising in an improper way. Below are tips you can follow to always stay safe when going to the gym:

A Three-Day and One Hour Work Out Per Week
A study conducted by the researchers at the University of Pittsburg revealed that an hour of exercise three days a week is effective in maintain a 10 percent weight loss and that mixing exercise with calorie control can help you get a higher chance of being successful in weight loss. Kinesiology instructor Charles Gremillion explained that a suitable frequency for attaining lasting results can be proven by working out three days a week. He added that people should be consistent in their exercise routine in order to have better lifetime fitness results.

Have Yourself Checked
Facing in front of the mirror while working out can guide you for effective form of exercising, according to Women’s Health Magazine. Also, those people who plan to work out should have a medical screening first with a physician for safety purposes.

Stretching Matters
Some health problems such as sports injuries and arthritis can be prevented when you stretch prior to your exercise. An article in Women’s Health notes that your flexibility and blood flow in the body are increased by stretching before and after working out. It generally reduces the risk of having strains in your muscles.

Slow Weight Lifting
According to Women’s Health Magazine, lifting weights in a hasty way is less effective. It is better for your lifetime fitness goals when you take slow when lifting weights since more muscle fibers can be activated this way. The muscle tendons can be strained of injured when you lift weights that are beyond your capacity. According to a fitness enthusiast Noble Abraham, workout beginners should start with small weights before going to those heavier ones.

Make That Cardio Work
Many fitness experts agree that the levels of lifetime fitness levels are increased by aerobic activities such as cross-country, swimming and step aerobics. Cardio activity also helps you to prevent the occurrence of cancer and diseases by improving the strength of the heart for blood flow in your body. (c) 2012…

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Choosing the Perfect Time to Work Out at the Best Level

You are really pushing efforts to get better in shape in the gym. However, you may wonder if it is the best time of the day to make your exercise routines. You might be also thinking about the physical activities you are performing just to have lifetime fitness.

Provided below are guidelines on how to deal with this situation:

In physiological manner, our body has its on way of performing at its best level. However, it can also adapt to almost anything it is facing regularly.

Author of the book “Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights?” (Amazon link) Alex Hutchinson says that the time that best fits your desired schedule is the perfect time to work out. He notes that there are several factors that may come into play when working out. These factors may include fatigue, depression and stress.

With regards to lifetime fitness goals, you can always have the chance to make the most out of work outs when you respect your circadian rhythm and when you are flexible enough in your schedule.

According to Brad Schoenfled, MSc CSCS, there is evidence showing that a diurnal pattern is being display by our strength. During morning hours, our strength may be at the lowest level but will peak during afternoon and evening. This would mean that later in the day is the time to do physical training exercises. In addition, a study found that muscle hypertrophy was similar in people who are training early in the morning.

Schoenfeld also notes the notion that you can maximize fat lost when you do cardio early in the morning or when fasting. He states that people should not rely more on this belief since there are several factors come into play.

Experts warn that people should avoid stretching exercises that involve the spine after rising from bed. A person may be at higher risk of having intradiscal pressure in the morning compared with prior to sleeping.

Do not do exercise routine that involves moves that work on balance after strenuous upper body workout. Research shows that there is a great impact that upper body exercise exert on the balance.
At first, life heavy weights when you are doing exercises that depend on the stretch-shortening cycle. You can also enhance the countermovement jumps when you are performing a single set of heavy squats.

Furthermore, Schoenfled confirms that there are some lifetime fitness-related findings showing that glucose tolerance is improved by fasted cardio early in the morning.

Always remember that you are the one that dictates your mind when to do exercises. If you have proper exercise schedule with a more disciplined diet, then there is no way for you not to get better in shape.…

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