Steve Schroede

Study Reveals Weight-Cancer Relationship

Body mass index has been suggested to have association with several diseases such as cancer. According to a study, overweight women are more likely to have cancer or cancer recurrence. The journal “Cancer” published by the American Cancer Society implies the importance of maintaining lifetime fitness in women as it indicates higher cancer risks in those who have higher body mass indexes.

Women’s health professor Joseph Sparano at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City reported in a press release that obese women diagnosed with breast cancer have 30 percent to recur cancer and 50 percent to die.

Sparano and his colleagues discovered that hormonal changes that could result in spreading and recurrence of cancer may occur if there is excess body fat. They believe that the growth percent of hormone receptor-positive cancers, which are also a type of breast cancer, is higher in overweight or obese women because estrogen production is high. They also suggest women to have fitness goals in life so as to prevent themselves from incurring breast cancer or any cancers.

Furthermore, oncologist Steve Schroeder thinks that the study explains how important lifetime fitness is to women when it comes to preventing cancer occurrence and recurrence. He suggests that women and/or people should lose weight to defy cancer and fight against this deadly disease.

Lifetime Fitness

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