A New Study Concludes Effective Weight Loss Strategies

A new study suggested that if you want to get rid of your extra pounds, you should not skip your meals. The study is the first to examine how changes in weight are affected by meal patterns, self-monitoring and eating behaviours. It reveals that a person who records what and how he eats and drinks in a food journal is more likely to lose weight.

lose weightThe findings of the study were based on women whose eating habits were tracked. These women, whose average age was 50 to 75 years, participated in the year-long dietary weigh-loss study. According to the researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, women who kept food diaries lost more pounds than those who did not. They discovered that those women who paid close attention to what they are eating can lose weight in just a shorter period of time.

From beginning to the end, the study assessed the dietary chance in the participants by asking them to complete a 120-item food-frequency questionnaire. At the end of the study, the researchers found that self-monitoring had really helped women to lose an average of 10 percent of their starting weight.

Moreover, the leading author of the study, Ann McTierman, concluded that basic strategies such as eating less and maintaining a food diary are very helpful for those people who want to lose weight successfully.…

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