Lifetime Fitness Tips: Excess Protein is Converted Into Fat

Many men want to build-up muscles as well as some women. Most of them think that they need more protein intake to achieve their goal but according to Centre for Health professor at the German Sport High School in Cologne, this concept is not correct. Ingo Froboese said that the body should get well balanced diet with sufficient protein during extreme training. But he was quick to stress out that everyday foods contain all the protein that the body needs.

Enough protein is vital part in bodybuilding but ordinary athletes need it too. Between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is enough for a regular sportsperson per day, according to Froboese. He said that anyone who goes beyond the right amount of protein consumption will only end up wasting money and displacing his normal metabolic function towards protein-metabolism. This can cause kidney problem. Froboese pointed out that eating a balance diet is the best thing to do since ordinary food has enough protein that the body needs.

Generally speaking, protein cannot be stored in the body. This is the reason why it should be part of every meal, especially evening meals. During night, human body requires more amount of protein. Froboese noted increased protein intake should only be applied if the body is from extreme form of strain such as running a marathon and doing intense muscle training. The increased protein intake should only between two and four weeks. During these periods, between two and three grams of protein per kilogram of body weight are allowed. After those weeks of increased intake of protein, you should quickly back to a normal level of protein consumption.

Muscle mass increases because of protein structures to each individual muscle fiber. Muscles grow bigger by letting the fiber grow. Training can cause the body to store more protein than normally would. Without training, protein is converted into fat. (c) 2012…

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Supplements for Muscle Building | Discover How They Works with Your Lifetime Fitness Routine

Supplements in bodybuilding are not compulsory but you may need more energy and time to be what you want to achieve without them. However, not all supplements are effective but choosing the right one could definitely help shorten the time you need in muscle building.

Protein Supplement
Protein powders help muscle tissue rebuilding and growth. If you do not have budget to buy protein powders try cheaper alternatives such as eggs, tofu, low fat milk, soy milk, chicken breast, tuna and many others. If you prefer to eat vegetables than any other food, protein powders are good choice to get your body sufficient amount of protein without consuming too much calories.

Fat Burner
Cardio and weight lifting are two major methods to lose stubborn fats. Fat burner pills can also help but you need to perform cardio exercises to get effective results. The idea here is to eat less and work more. You may throw away those fat burning pills as you don’t have to depend on it.

Weight Gain Powders
If you are skinny and thin, weight gain powders can help you gain extra calories needed in weight lifting without forcing yourself to eat a lot all day long. However, if you only need to gain lean muscle, you should stay away from these powders since it might end up gaining more excess fats than you actually used.

Creatine supplement is helpful when you are increasing high intensity athletic performance. It gives you short burst of energy which is needed particularly in weight lifting. However, keep in mind that this is only a supplement and your body is capable to produce it naturally. So, again, use it as supplement only and not your primary source of energy. (c) 2012…

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Lifetime Fitness Approach to Build Muscle for Average Person

Most people who want to build muscle fast buy magazines with different tips on how to be like the people in the magazine. However, most of those guys just do not exercise much just like what you read. Most of them are just genetically gifted and never started training just like what they mentioned. Their routines are not effective to average person.

The following are tips to build muscle fast for average person to prevent physical and mental overtraining from doing too much at start.

Get more strength power. The stronger you are, the more muscle you have. Take a strengthening training. You may try weight training. It is usually good to everyone because it allows you to start light and adds you muscles. Start light and learn proper technique. As you go along, add weight to your bar and continue to push for your desired muscles.

Consider free weights. Barbells allow you to lift the heaviest weights. The more you put stress, the more muscles will form. Use dumbbells for assistance exercises. Do not use machines unless necessary.

• Machines can cause injury because of your fixed and unnatural movement patterns during exercise while free weights just go with your motion.
• Free weights can make you control and balance the weight allowing you to easily gain muscles while machines only balance the weight for you.
• Free weights are really cost effective especially when you plan just to exercise at home.

Don’t do isolation exercises. While isolation exercises are fine, they are not advisable for starting to build muscles. Exercises that hit different muscles at the same time are much better.
Exercise your legs. Squat and Deadlifts exercises hit your entire muscles. They work your body as one and allow you to lift heavy weights. Squat & Deadlift heavy weights are better than Biceps Curls.

Take time to recover. Pro athletes train hard 5 or 6 times a week but they did not begin that way. As a starter, you need time to recover yourself.

• Muscles grow while resting not during your workout. Start by doing full body workout 3 times a week and focus on intensity not on the time of exercise.
• Take at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. Growth hormone releases during sleep. You may take a nap after every workout.
• Drink water at least 2 cups each meal and sip water during workout to avoid dehydration and help muscle recover.
• Fill your body enough calories for recovery.

Eat natural foods. Eating whole foods give you many nutrients and fewer fats. Additionally, vitamins and minerals help in recovering.

Eat a lot. In muscle building, training is a primary concern than diet. Eat more for optimal energy.
• Don’t skip breakfast because you need to get calories from the start of your day.
• Eat after workout, especially foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates to help muscle recovery and replenish your energy.
• Eat every 3 hours to give your muscle a constant intake of protein, help muscle repair and recovery and boost your metabolism.
• Track your everyday intake of calorie to maintain weight.

Gain weight. You must gain weight to look good with your muscular body.

Take protein. You need 1g protein per pound of body-weight everyday to maintain and build muscle. You may take whole proteins every meal. (c) 2012…

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How to Effective Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle

It might be common to you that body fat could turn you into obese. So it can be good for you to shed all unwanted fats in your body to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease, and to get better into shape.

Getting rid of fat still makes difficult for many to do despite the advent of new exercise machines, diet plans, magic bullet pills and exercise DVDs. Some of the common reasons why fats keep on undermining your lifetime fitness are inaccurate tracking, poor techniques and bad meal planning.

Follow the right weight loss tips and avoid such health mistakes.

According to exercise science associate professor Shawn Arent of Rutgers University, people tend to believe that slow cardio is the fat-burning area. However, he says that cardio burns fewer calories than more intense exercise while it burns more fats as a percentage of total calories burned. Thus, you are totally burning less fat.

Craig Ballantyne, a certified strength and conditioning specialist or, notes that there are very few calories being burned every time you do slow cardio. He adds that metabolic resistance training is the best thing to do when it comes to this.

It is best recommended that you mix interval cardio with strength training to effectively and efficiently burn fat while working out.

Arent says that alternate short bursts of intense cardio step with lesser recovery time interval could have a similar effect on a cardio machine. During the intense periods, higher rate of rates is burned in the same way that the heart keeps racing while bending over after a sprint.

Getting rid of flab may require accurate techniques in order for it to become successful. However, dieters do not have the specific idea of the amount of food they are eating.
Ballantyne suggests that people should have a proper lifetime fitness plan with effective weight loss tips to stay on the right track for success.

It might be a good idea if you keep a journal to record the foods you eat and the efforts you take every time you work out. It is always best to have a game plan where you can go in when you are doing the work out. Record the steps you have done to monitor how much you have progressed.

A study reveals that people are likely to get better results when using a food journal. Taking images of everything you eat can be a good idea too.
You can lose a pound weekly through daily reduction of 500 calories. With both exercise and diet, make a dent in you calorie intake.

Moreover, it would be difficult for you to build lean muscle that helps you in burning fat if you are not eating every after working out. Arent explains that without refueling your body soon after you work out, other muscle fibers could be broken down to refill what you have lost during exercise.

A good solution for you to this is combining simple sugar with a protein after your workout.

One of the most effective weight loss tips is consuming simple sugars right after you have worked out to promote better lifetime fitness outcome. (c) 2012…

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Healthy Nutrient Content in Your Food: Improving the Way You Gain Muscles and Lose Weight

Without eating the rights foods, your efforts to gain muscle, lose weight and get better shape would be useless. Your aim for ultimate lifetime fitness is best assisted by diets and healthy recipes. However, the only issue that lies here is the amount and type of food you eat as well as the timing of eating.

Macronutrient composition is the one common aspect where all diets depend on. This includes the fat, carbohydrate and protein content in the foods you are eating. It is the factor that identifies the success or the failure of your diet since there is always a macronutrient manipulation in every diet you take. Low carbohydrate diets such as Protein Powder and Atkins as well as some Paleo Diet variations are on one end of the continuum. On the other end are low fat or high carb diets such as Ornish and Pritikin.

Research shows that regardless of the exact macronutrient breakdown, the best diet and healthy recipes are needed for you to have ultimate lifetime fitness.

Provided below is a guide you can follow to make the most effective lifetime fitness plan for you.


Its Importance

There are several functions that carbohydrates take. But providing energy to the cells within your body is the main role they have. Given that they are not considered necessary, Carbohydrates are unique because the needs of your body can synthesized from non-carbo sources through processes known as gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis. Thus, the general survival of your body does not rely on eating carbohydrates because fats and proteins can be also transformed into energy.


People tend to believe that carbohydrates are the main reasons why they are getting fat. However, you should know that you can still lose pounds while eating carbohydrates. A study shows that neither a low-carb diet nor a higher carb diet was better at boosting your metabolism.


Its Importance

A major fuel source of the body, fat has different functions such as inflammation regulation, hormones generation as well as assisting the body in absorbing vitamins.


Again, most of us are introduced to the belief that we can become fat if we eat fats. What is more is that many people believe that heart disease could occur from consuming saturated fats. University of Copenhagen’s Department of Nutrition suggested that you should not avoidsaturated fats. A review found that coronary heart disease is not associated with saturated fat.


Its Importance

A major functional and structural cell component in your body, protein plays a vital role in the biological processes that allow you to function and live ultimately. In fact, protein makes up about 25 percent of your muscle mass while water and glycogen make up the rest.


It has been claimed that your body can only manage 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal. However, the fact reveals that a lot more protein can be processed than you think in every meal you take.


Lifetime fitness can always require healthy diet and healthy recipes with the right foods. What is more important is your ability to balance every move you take.…

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