Weight Loss Helps Men Boost Testosterone Levels

Lose Weight

Many people want to lose weight in order to become healthy. For most men, weight loss plays a very important role in their health. Overweight or obese men are known to have lower levels of testosterone. A new study discovers that the prevalence of low testosterone levels in these men can be reduced by losing weight.

lose weightAccording to a co-author of the study, overweight men with low levels of testosterone should be first encouraged by their doctors to lose weight through regular exercise and proper diet before deciding to go through testosterone therapy just to increase hormone levels.

The study executed a program for diabetes prevention wherein almost 1000 men with pre-diabetes were involved. Findings show that people who are at higher risk of having type 2 diabetes are more likely to avoid the development of the disease by just losing more extra pounds. The authors of the study studied the impact of weigh loss on the testosterone levels because overweight men are known to have low testosterone levels.

The researchers also found out that there is a dramatic decrease in the prevalence rate of low testosterone levels in overweight men who have lifestyle modification. Moreover, they claim that men who lose weight are more likely to increase the capability of their body to produce more testosterone.

Lose Weight

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