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Local Fitness Expert Helps Mothers Achieve Personal Fitness Goals

Handford – If you want to know what drives the business of Marcel Walker to be successful, you just need to think two words; working mothers.

These women are not as young as they once but looking good is still one of their priorities. They need a lot of discipline to achieve their fitness goals since they have been through pregnancy.

They have motivation and have money to spend. They gather at Walker’s S.W.E.A.T. Unlimited.

Walker said that women care more to their lifetime fitness than men. He added that some women he already trained gone through two pregnancies and it turns out those women are more teachable too.

Walker, who was once a Navy, is a longtime personal trainer and does not like the impersonal atmosphere of big gyms. He observed that trainers are more interested on the money than the fitness goals of their clients.

He said that if a client is not a friend of a trainer and a client does not trust a trainer, the client is not going to achieve her fitness goals.

Walker considers S.W.E.A.T Unlimited as achievement of his goal which is to help women attain their fitness goals, give clients more one-on-one time, and interact with them directly.

He said that it is a good decision and he does something he loves while business is growing.

Walker puts mothers through different exercises combining running, jumping, weights and cardiovascular circuit training. He discourages them to use cardiovascular machine to avoid unrealistic movements.

He also gives nutritional advice for specific fitness goal.…

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Build Muscles Guide for Beginners

Build Muscles

Muscle building is hard to do, no easy way and results will not happen overnight. So, it is very important to follow the correct steps right from the very beginning for effective muscle building routine. The following article offers helpful advice for beginners to build muscles.

If you are just about to begin weight training and no prior experience, it is suggested to start your training in the gym. Gyms will offer you different fitness equipment for all your needs in your workout. Additionally, you can get professional advice in the gym through experienced instructors. Do not hesitate to approach them if you have concern on your workout or you just need professional advice because that is one of the reasons they are there.

build musclesHigh protein diet is vital for muscle building. Protein synthesis is the process wherein the body stores protein for later use. Muscles increase in strength and mass during this process. High in protein foods are chicken, pork, beef, and fish.

Muscle building can give many good effects in life even if you are not so serious in bulking up. It improves self-esteem, makes you feel more confident, and strengthens joints and lungs when combining it with cardio workouts.

Eating different fresh fruits is great to build muscles. Do not eat foods filled with preservatives because it can only destroy your immune system. The immune system plays a vital role in your goal to build muscles.

To build muscles does not necessarily mean that you will end up a body builder. There are different routines in body building that give you different results. You need to know your specific goals before engaging in muscle building. For large and bulky muscles, you need to have a supplement to your routine. Know your limitations. If you need to reduce the lengths of sets, then do so.

Effort to build muscles is vital but learning is half the battle. The tips you have just learned are easy ways to get you started to build muscles.…

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Effective Lifetime Fitness Programs

You might be tired of feeling always unsatisfied with numerous lifetime fitness programs that you follow to make a big change in your body. You make attempts to boost your energy levels and reduce your waistline but are left disappointed with the results.

Here are three workout programs that are ultimately designed to help you eliminate fats and achieve the body figure you want to have when going to the beach.

lifetime fitnessLifetime Fitness

Insanity Workout: This is a physical conditioning program that requires 60 days for completion. You are not required to use weights or any gym equipment since it mainly focuses on the use of plyometric drills and cardio exercise. All aspects of the program, which comes with a nutrition guide, are incorporated into 10 DVDs that feature lifetime fitness instructor Shaun T.

P90x: This program is specifically designed for boosting body endurance within 90 days to fight against medical ailments. Like the Insanity Workout, P90x is taught via DVD that comes with a nutrition diet plan. Following its development by Tony Horton, the intense program had its official launch in 2003. It concentrates on proper switching of exercises to give emphasis on muscle confusion.

TurboFire: This is a cardio conditioning program that is made intense for burning of calories and fats faster than the natural cardio exercise. Exercises are in DVD, which includes fun music to motivate participants.

All of these programs are intended to you help achieve lifetime fitness in just a shorter period. They promote health by allowing you to use your energy towards having a physically conditioned, fit body.…

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Beginner’s guide: How to get fit for lifetime

Every one of us dreamed to have a stunning figure; good curves for women and well-built muscles for men. However, there are many websites promising you to get fit within weeks or a month in just minimal efforts but you haven’t seen any changes. You wake up every morning and look yourself on the mirror, but then nothing happened and you desperately want to get into shape. It’s time for you to understand how really things work. First thing is first, you need to adhere to these three spices as part of your training to getting lifetime fitness.

Nerd Fitness titled these three spices as the TriForce of Winning:

  • Education: You need to fully understand the science of fat burning and building perfect, healthy, and strong muscles. Once you have fully understood it, it’s time for you to know HOW to do it.
  • Inspiration: You need to set up your inspiration for you to achieve your goal in life, to become sexy or fit. If you want to become sexy so that your partner in life won’t look for another woman, then use it as your motivation! Inspiration is the most vital element at pursuing your dream to have a healthy and fit body. It acts as your fuel for you to keep going. Without it, you would not succeed.
  •  Support: Let others help you throughout your journey at pursuing your dream. You couldn’t do it alone; you need someone to assist you throughout your workouts to avoid injuries. In short, you need someone to keep you going.

Once you have successfully combined these three spices throughout your training, then you wouldn’t believe what you will get. The next tips will help you do what are needed for you to achieve what you dreamt for.


1. Adhere your New Year’s Resolutions’ list
If you have listed all your New Year’s Resolutions, then don’t just leave them on the paper. Achieve your goals by doing them. Don’t just sit there watching your favorite movie while eating your favorite Big Mac. Change your habit! Do what you need to do; reluctance is not welcome in this training. Don’t just think of your goals, but do what are needed for you to achieve your goals.

Now, How to set your goals…

• Make sure that your goals are super SPECIFIC. List them and write what are needed for you to achieve them.
• Append new habits, write them on a calendar, or set an alarm so that you won’t forget them. And the most important thing, DO IT EVEY DAY!
• You must understand that things don’t instantly change. You need to be patient when doing this. This is not what those fanzy website telling us things to do to lose weight within 5 days, weeks or worse, instantly. Do not expect overnight results, flat abdomen on tomorrow, and other promises. You need to fully understand that there are processes need to be followed to successfully achieve your dreamed body.

lifetime fitness2. Know your WEAKNESS
If you failed on your previous training or haven’t seen any changes, then you should ask yourself “Why?” “Where did you go wrong?” Maybe you got bored on some training you did or you got sick few days after your program. It is always crucial to consult your physician for proper cardiovascular excises, what are the do’s and dont’s, before doing so. Once you have indicated all your weaknesses, avoid them, and always do alterations. Frequent injuries or sickness during your training may diminish the possibility of acquiring healthy and fit body.

3. Change your Diet to healthy one
Many people commonly neglected the importance of diet. Many men eat a lot of carbohydrates believing that it could help them achieve well-built muscles when in fact it’s not! Carbohydrates are a simple form of Sugar and give us energy; you keep on feeding your muscles with energy when it needs protein. However, forgetting the importance of protein and others may lead muscles to slowly weaken for years. Carbohydrates gives us energy to do work, protein are made up of amino acids to rehydrate are exhausted muscles. Proper formula of nutrients’ intake base on your daily activities should be done within the training or even after to acquire lifetime fitness. Believe me, 80% of your success comes from proper diet and not just exercise.

Well, when talking about food, we just can’t resist about it. But thinking of the things you want, they are just probably more significant than eating a lot of your favorite fatty sandwich. For you to successfully let go of your worship, then you should forget your favorite foods! Always think what you get on a food and NOT WHAT IT TASTES.

4. Do activities that make you Happy
If you want to run for sometimes, then do it frequently. Play Basket Ball? Soccer or Ultimate Frisbee? Lift weights or even yoga for girls? Then your workouts won’t suck at all! Burning calories most of the time will help you get a healthy and fit body. You need to burn calories more than you eat calories. If your favorite sport is chess, never mind about that, throw up the towel! And look for anything that makes your whole body work! Always remember that humans are created genetically active. Therefore, if you haven’t met the perfect activity for you, then seek …

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Practical Tips for Losing Weight

Nowadays, it is not impossible to lose weight without going through extreme dieting and detoxification nor impossible not spend large amount of money to get the body that you want. As opposed to common thinking that skipping breakfast will help curb you size, being committed to eating breakfast can really help you get rid of extra pounds. There is a greater tendency for you to gain weight since you tend to eat food with higher calories to keep you full.

lose weightKnowing the proper way of when to eat and what to eat is also beneficial. For every meal, it is beneficial to eat first foods that only have low calories so that you would not be craving for much on foods that have high caloric content. It is also a vital reminder to begin with sipping soup before the actual meal to continue to lose weight.

It may be hard to follow, but this technique can be helpful for you to get less tempted in eating too much food, most especially when arriving late on parties or any occasion wherein you know that a lot of food will be in place. Being practical in terms of dividing lunch and snacks is also necessary to lose weight

Lose Weight


Staying Fit in the Easiest Way

New technologies and surgical treatments have proven to be popular avenues for people, especially the rich ones, to easily lose weight. Huge sums of money are spent in order to drastically and urgently acquire a body that they so desire.

What people often miss is the fact that homemade and natural remedies are readily available to lose weight. Simple tricks such as eating in minimal amount, avoiding excessive sugar and carbohydrate intake, and taking in mostly natural and unprocessed foods can help a lot in having a healthy body. It is also beneficial to make eating patterns like having the go, glow and grow foods available as much as possible in each of the daily meals. Having sufficient intake of proteins and vegetables could go a long way in staying and maintaining a fit body.

Needless to say, exercise is a major aspect that people should have the discipline to do on a regular basis in order to lose weight. It has been and will always be a significant body boosting activity. And what is good about it is that it comes in different variety, according to ones liking. Anyone can choose to just go for a walk, have pilates, yoga, go to the gym or have a trainer to facilitate the routine. Even doing household chores can also be a form of exercise.…


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