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Improve Strength and Upper Body: Bench Press

Lifetime Fitness

Pushing while standing is one of the most important exercises for athletes and in sports. In fact, wrestlers, football players and martial artists need to stand while exerting pressing force as part of their conditioning activities and routines. The ability to push hard when standing is treated as part of lifetime fitness that aims to develop and improve strength and upper body muscles.

bench pressContrary to that, for most recreational weightlifters, personal trainers and conditioning coaches, the ultimate way to building strong upper body and increasing pressing power is to bench press, which they say helps strengthening triceps, pecs and shoulders. It is also described as a very vital factor when aiming to build more muscles and increase metabolism for fat or calorie burning.

The association of maximum pushing force while standing and max bench press is often studied by many lead researchers. According to many researchers, doing heavy bench presses is the best way for a person to overload triceps, shoulders and chest. There is no doubt that lifetime fitness becomes more transparent and visible if bench press is properly done, researchers conclude.

While standing and performing cable press is relevant to lifetime fitness and can help improve strength, they are still limited to the core musculature. Bench press remains the best exercise proven to have helped many aspiring individuals to grow more lean muscles and structured upper body form.…

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Study Reveals Weight-Cancer Relationship

Body mass index has been suggested to have association with several diseases such as cancer. According to a study, overweight women are more likely to have cancer or cancer recurrence. The journal “Cancer” published by the American Cancer Society implies the importance of maintaining lifetime fitness in women as it indicates higher cancer risks in those who have higher body mass indexes.

Women’s health professor Joseph Sparano at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City reported in a press release that obese women diagnosed with breast cancer have 30 percent to recur cancer and 50 percent to die.

Sparano and his colleagues discovered that hormonal changes that could result in spreading and recurrence of cancer may occur if there is excess body fat. They believe that the growth percent of hormone receptor-positive cancers, which are also a type of breast cancer, is higher in overweight or obese women because estrogen production is high. They also suggest women to have fitness goals in life so as to prevent themselves from incurring breast cancer or any cancers.

Furthermore, oncologist Steve Schroeder thinks that the study explains how important lifetime fitness is to women when it comes to preventing cancer occurrence and recurrence. He suggests that women and/or people should lose weight to defy cancer and fight against this deadly disease.

Lifetime Fitness

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Lifetime Fitness Tips: New Book of Biggest Loser Winner Pete Thomas Shares Secrets of Weight Loss Maintenance

Pete Thomas, who was the at-home champion of “The Biggest Loser” in 2005, has effectively taken care of his 185-pound weight loss since then, and is revealing his fitness tips in a new book titled “Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever.”

The 6 feet 5 inches Thomas, who once lead the weighing scales at 416 pounds, states that maintaining the weight off is a heavier obstacle for the majority of individuals than losing weight it in the first place.

“It is a difficult struggle to lose weight, but the more difficult challenge is maintaining the weight off,” Pete told WREG-TV. “Bodyweight maintenance is the purpose of losing weight.”

Thomas, 44, states that after getting dropped 185 pounds in 9 months and maintaining it off for 7 years, he has became to be something of an expert in maintaining weight-loss.

“I think like I had gained the authority to discuss [on the subject],” says Thomas, who has since taken part in 2 triathlons. “Around 85% to 95% of dieters acquire their excess weight again after they burn it.

A significant example is another “Biggest Loser” contestant Eric Chopin, the season 8 winner of the reality TV event in 2009 after dropping a spectacular 214 lbs. Chopin, 42, rapidly got back all the excess fat right after his win, and has since found difficulty to lose weight once more.

Like the majority of fitness professionals, Thomas emphasizes that weight-loss maintenance is only attainable if people realize that eating well and exercising need to be a lifestyle, and not a short-term remedy.

“I do not believe in the concept of establishing a weight-loss objective; it is about reaching a good weight and keeping it for lifetime,” he states.

The secret to correct maintenance is keeping up with everyday exercises and following a practical diet that will not deprive a person.

“The Biggest Loser educated me a few of significant things: I found out the fundamentals of healthy eating plan and the significance of getting an excellent team around me,” says Thomas, who hints that one of his biggest diet techniques is to not maintain junk food in the house.

“I understand when I am stressed, I’ll eat way too much,” he says. “After a while, you get sick of eating too much honey crisp apples.”…

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Fitness Tips: Never Ignore Stretching in Your Workout


Stretches are less priority to a lot of people’s workout regimens but they need to be part of your exercises, 5 to 7 days of the week, says Deb Bosker, a private fitness coach at the Don Wheaton YMCA.

Stretching is an element of sustaining health and wellness, maintaining your body flexible, moving and keeping variety of movement in all your joints, she states. It is likely to let you to perform more as you grow older, because if you quit stretching you prevent being capable to move in those ways, she explains.

lifetime fitnessIt also minimizes your chance for injuries when you work out.

The level of popularity of yoga and Pilates has developed individuals more informed of the good that stretches truly do.

A few individuals begin stretching and then integrate yoga or Pilates class once a week into their exercise because they enjoy the way stretches make them feel, Bosker says.

Stretching out should never be uncomfortable, she adds. Exert tension, so you experience a minor pull on the muscle, but not to the level that it hurts, she says.

There are a few of various kinds of stretches: powerful stretches include variety of movement and are generally perform as part of the warm-up at the beginning of a workout.

Start with a 10-minute common warm-up by strolling, for instance, then perform a powerful stretch or 2 such as leg swings, swinging a single leg at a time from front to back – a good stretch if you’re going for a run.

Stretching your arms out and up to shoulder level and moving them in circles, forward and back, doing bigger then smaller circles, is another great powerful stretch, Bosker says. Perform 10 to 12 reps of each.


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Exercise Bands Help Build Muscles

Resistance bands can support in developing cardio, endurance and strength workouts, based upon on how you make use of the bands. To build muscles, you need bands that provide sufficient resistance for optimum effects.

lifetime fitnessTo build muscle properly, make use of bands that offer sufficient resistance that you can’t simply move them when they are wrapped firmly. Your muscles develop bigger as they restore themselves from intense pressure towards resistance, and if you can carry out several repetitions with nearly no signs of fatigue, your bands aren’t offering sufficient resistance.

Consider to obtain bands that provide sufficient resistance within 90 seconds as you execute reps, or which only enable you to do 1 or a few repetitions before you feel fatigue.

Develop a low-rep, high-resistance exercise. Do a warm-up set making use of around fifty percent of the optimum resistance you possess and perform 4 to 6 repetitions of an exercise. Get a two-minute rest, then perform one more set utilizing a bit more resistance, or 1 or 2 more wraps of the band. Take a two-minute rest, and then execute your 4 to 6 repetitions with sufficient resistance that you can hardly complete the final repetition. Get a two- or three-minute rest and do 2 more sets at this resistance level. If your bands do not offer this much resistance, set up an exercise containing of 8 to 12 repetitions for every set, using a resistance level that makes it hard to do the final repetition. Execute your workouts progressively with a stop between every movement.…

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Vegetable Steroids to Build Muscles and Increase Physical Performance

People who want to build muscles and increase physical performance could rely on mustard greens and cabbage as back-up plants for spinach.

Brassica plants, such as broccoli or cabbage, and mustard have brassinosteroids that trigger physiological response in rats that is the same to anabolic steroids, according to recent studies.

Researchers hope that age-and disease-associated muscle loss could be treated by these substances and be also used to improve physical performance and endurance. Further findings suggest that potential future approach for damaged muscle repair could be well represented using brassinosteroids.

It is very interesting to know that the plants normally eaten by many people contain these compounds. Scientists in the future could further breed plants for higher brassinosteroid content and could develop functional foods that can prevent or treat diseases at the same time help build muscles and increase physical performance, according to researchers.…

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