Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Shares Her Lose Weight Struggle

Jessica has shared her struggle to lose weight since having her baby.

Jessica agreed to be the model of Weight Watchers and is on a mission to lose weight but she admits it is been a difficult task.

Thirty-two years old Jessica gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1 and admits she let herself indulge in everything during her pregnancy. Simpson says that she wanted to enjoy her first time pregnancy and let herself eat whatever she liked. She did not know that the weight did not come off with the baby.

Jessica SimpsonJessica has started an intense workout routine but she still has difficulty to run with her very big breasts.

Jessica, who is engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson, is attempting to lose weight effectively through healthy method and says it is difficult to bounce back after her weight gain.

She has not disclosed how much she gained in her weight but sources claim Simpson gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy.

According to Jessica, her body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. She describes herself as an everyday woman who is trying to be healthy for her daughter, herself, and her fiancĂ© as well as striving to feel good.…