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Fat Loss

Top 10: Portion Sizes You Need To Know!

By On April 9, 2018

When it comes to gaining body fat, the real culprit is HOW MUCH we eat, not just WHAT we eat. Even healthy food can make you fat if you over indulge. And… Read More


Why It’s So Hard to Resist Late-Night Eating

By On April 8, 2018

Hi Alfonso, I have a weak link in my diet – and it’s this! I can’t resist the urge to snack after my evening meal… I’m pretty good throughout the day, but… Read More


Can You Actually Lose Weight And Still Eat Junk Food?

By On April 5, 2018

I recently was sent an article by a dear friend of mine that tells the story of a professor who replaced three of his meals per day with Twinkies! Mark Haub, a… Read More


The Health Pros and Cons Of Cereal

By On April 4, 2018

CEREAL– where do I begin! Have you been to your local supermarket recently and seen the huge cereal section? It looks like a library of boxes doesn’t it? Cereal is one of… Read More

Fat Loss

Diet Diagnosis: Weight Watchers

By On April 2, 2018

Weight Watchers – what a great name for a diet plan huh? It’s genius in every way, to the tune of almost 3 billion dollars in fact. The nearly 50-year old company… Read More

Fat Loss

Diet Diagnosis: The Grapefruit Diet

By On April 2, 2018

It’s time for another Diet Diagnosis – and this week it’s the turn of that old favorite The Grapefruit Diet… This “diet” (I use the word loosely) dates back to the early… Read More