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Healthy Nutrient Content in Your Food: Improving the Way You Gain Muscles and Lose Weight

Without eating the rights foods, your efforts to gain muscle, lose weight and get better shape would be useless. Your aim for ultimate lifetime fitness is best assisted by diets and healthy recipes. However, the only issue that lies here is the amount and type of food you eat as well as the timing of eating.

Macronutrient composition is the one common aspect where all diets depend on. This includes the fat, carbohydrate and protein content in the foods you are eating. It is the factor that identifies the success or the failure of your diet since there is always a macronutrient manipulation in every diet you take. Low carbohydrate diets such as Protein Powder and Atkins as well as some Paleo Diet variations are on one end of the continuum. On the other end are low fat or high carb diets such as Ornish and Pritikin.

Research shows that regardless of the exact macronutrient breakdown, the best diet and healthy recipes are needed for you to have ultimate lifetime fitness.

Provided below is a guide you can follow to make the most effective lifetime fitness plan for you.


Its Importance

There are several functions that carbohydrates take. But providing energy to the cells within your body is the main role they have. Given that they are not considered necessary, Carbohydrates are unique because the needs of your body can synthesized from non-carbo sources through processes known as gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis. Thus, the general survival of your body does not rely on eating carbohydrates because fats and proteins can be also transformed into energy.


People tend to believe that carbohydrates are the main reasons why they are getting fat. However, you should know that you can still lose pounds while eating carbohydrates. A study shows that neither a low-carb diet nor a higher carb diet was better at boosting your metabolism.


Its Importance

A major fuel source of the body, fat has different functions such as inflammation regulation, hormones generation as well as assisting the body in absorbing vitamins.


Again, most of us are introduced to the belief that we can become fat if we eat fats. What is more is that many people believe that heart disease could occur from consuming saturated fats. University of Copenhagen’s Department of Nutrition suggested that you should not avoidsaturated fats. A review found that coronary heart disease is not associated with saturated fat.


Its Importance

A major functional and structural cell component in your body, protein plays a vital role in the biological processes that allow you to function and live ultimately. In fact, protein makes up about 25 percent of your muscle mass while water and glycogen make up the rest.


It has been claimed that your body can only manage 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal. However, the fact reveals that a lot more protein can be processed than you think in every meal you take.


Lifetime fitness can always require healthy diet and healthy recipes with the right foods. What is more important is your ability to balance every move you take.…

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