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Why It’s So Hard to Resist Late-Night Eating

By On April 8, 2018

Hi Alfonso, I have a weak link in my diet – and it’s this! I can’t resist the urge to snack after my evening meal… I’m pretty good throughout the day, but… Read More


Taste it or waste it: Chocolate

By On April 3, 2018

Here we go – it’s Taste It Or Waste It time again – and this time around we’re talking CHOCOLATE, that irresistible, melt in your mouth, sugary taste of pleasure that is… Read More

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Diet Diagnosis: The Detox Diet

By On April 3, 2018

Ah detox diets… I’ve wanted to talk about these “diets” for quite some time now. It seems as though every other week a celebrity, trainer, or dietician is pushing some new miracle… Read More

Fat Loss

Diet Diagnosis: The Grapefruit Diet

By On April 2, 2018

It’s time for another Diet Diagnosis – and this week it’s the turn of that old favorite The Grapefruit Diet… This “diet” (I use the word loosely) dates back to the early… Read More