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Muscle Building Guidelines for Women

Women across the world tend to become desperate on how to effectively build muscles as fast as men. But what they do not realize is that the muscle building is not created for men only. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can build more muscles as long as you have the determination and the perseverance to do it and achieve greater results.

build musclesHowever, because of the practice and culture wherein men usually do workout routines to build muscle mass, women become scary to the extent that they think that muscle building might be a hard task to do. But it is not. In fact, women can instantly build more abs if they want to by following correct workout procedures and good diet patterns.

In order for women to build muscles the same way men do, they should build confidence towards achieving the same goal. Workout is usually suggested and this should be combined with good diet, which means eating nutritious foods, especially those that are high in protein content.

Since being a woman might be prone to injuries while performing workout routines, getting a personal trainer might be a good idea to build muscles. Personal fitness trainers help women to have full understanding on the science of muscle building. This also aids in conquering fear that women usually encounter in the middle of the training. Trainers are also knowledgeable on what and when to eat to comply with the correct muscle building guidelines.…

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Effective Muscle Building Tip: Intensity-Volume Combination

There are so many fitness tips in the world that you are no longer to identify which is best for you. Often, exercise concepts and workout routines become ineffective, if not misleading. When it comes to muscle building, complexities are more likely to arise as the application of exercises may vary from one person to another. But for those who have successfully attained more muscles appropriately, combining volume and intensity is no other than the most important concept in the world of fitness.

build musclesIntensive training is one of the best fitness tips suggested for those who want to grow their muscles fast. The more intensive you lift weights the more muscle mass you gain since your muscles have to expand and grow in order to adapt to stress. It breaks your muscle tissues to expand and that is the time when more muscle mass is gained as it fills the broken muscle tissues.

Weight lifting needs time and efforts in order to be effective. The volume or the frequency of your exercises is as important as the intensity. Most bodybuilders train base on volume. They exert more efforts and time doing their exercises to build more muscles. This helps them gain more muscle mass quickly and effectively. Thus, intensity and volume is a sure lifetime fitness combination for those who want to build more muscles.…

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Lifetime Fitness Tips: New Book of Biggest Loser Winner Pete Thomas Shares Secrets of Weight Loss Maintenance

Pete Thomas, who was the at-home champion of “The Biggest Loser” in 2005, has effectively taken care of his 185-pound weight loss since then, and is revealing his fitness tips in a new book titled “Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever.”

The 6 feet 5 inches Thomas, who once lead the weighing scales at 416 pounds, states that maintaining the weight off is a heavier obstacle for the majority of individuals than losing weight it in the first place.

“It is a difficult struggle to lose weight, but the more difficult challenge is maintaining the weight off,” Pete told WREG-TV. “Bodyweight maintenance is the purpose of losing weight.”

Thomas, 44, states that after getting dropped 185 pounds in 9 months and maintaining it off for 7 years, he has became to be something of an expert in maintaining weight-loss.

“I think like I had gained the authority to discuss [on the subject],” says Thomas, who has since taken part in 2 triathlons. “Around 85% to 95% of dieters acquire their excess weight again after they burn it.

A significant example is another “Biggest Loser” contestant Eric Chopin, the season 8 winner of the reality TV event in 2009 after dropping a spectacular 214 lbs. Chopin, 42, rapidly got back all the excess fat right after his win, and has since found difficulty to lose weight once more.

Like the majority of fitness professionals, Thomas emphasizes that weight-loss maintenance is only attainable if people realize that eating well and exercising need to be a lifestyle, and not a short-term remedy.

“I do not believe in the concept of establishing a weight-loss objective; it is about reaching a good weight and keeping it for lifetime,” he states.

The secret to correct maintenance is keeping up with everyday exercises and following a practical diet that will not deprive a person.

“The Biggest Loser educated me a few of significant things: I found out the fundamentals of healthy eating plan and the significance of getting an excellent team around me,” says Thomas, who hints that one of his biggest diet techniques is to not maintain junk food in the house.

“I understand when I am stressed, I’ll eat way too much,” he says. “After a while, you get sick of eating too much honey crisp apples.”…

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Build Muscles Guide for Beginners

Build Muscles

Muscle building is hard to do, no easy way and results will not happen overnight. So, it is very important to follow the correct steps right from the very beginning for effective muscle building routine. The following article offers helpful advice for beginners to build muscles.

If you are just about to begin weight training and no prior experience, it is suggested to start your training in the gym. Gyms will offer you different fitness equipment for all your needs in your workout. Additionally, you can get professional advice in the gym through experienced instructors. Do not hesitate to approach them if you have concern on your workout or you just need professional advice because that is one of the reasons they are there.

build musclesHigh protein diet is vital for muscle building. Protein synthesis is the process wherein the body stores protein for later use. Muscles increase in strength and mass during this process. High in protein foods are chicken, pork, beef, and fish.

Muscle building can give many good effects in life even if you are not so serious in bulking up. It improves self-esteem, makes you feel more confident, and strengthens joints and lungs when combining it with cardio workouts.

Eating different fresh fruits is great to build muscles. Do not eat foods filled with preservatives because it can only destroy your immune system. The immune system plays a vital role in your goal to build muscles.

To build muscles does not necessarily mean that you will end up a body builder. There are different routines in body building that give you different results. You need to know your specific goals before engaging in muscle building. For large and bulky muscles, you need to have a supplement to your routine. Know your limitations. If you need to reduce the lengths of sets, then do so.

Effort to build muscles is vital but learning is half the battle. The tips you have just learned are easy ways to get you started to build muscles.…

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Build Muscles: Testosterone Helps Build Muscles Fast But Has Risks

Fitness Tips

Testosterone can build muscles very quickly just like most performance-enhancing drugs. Some athletes used testosterone to improve athletic ability and recover time. However, this drug carries major health risks that are not yet fully understood.

Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants has been suspended for 50 games without pay for using testosterone. It is still unknown what kind of testosterone did Cabrera use. There are two kinds of testosterone, natural and synthetic, but both are a form of anabolic steroid. Testosterone is naturally produced by the body to promote growth in human and to regulate masculine characteristics including development of sex organs in men.

lifetime fitnessBuild muscles and quick recovery are the two main goals of athletes who use steroids. Testosterone is proven to help build muscles fast and even beyond what the body would normally handle. It also reduces recovery time, making users to train with little rest needed.

Meanwhile, it is also important to note that testosterone is useful to patients with muscle-wasting diseases just like AIDS and cancer.

However, side effects are fatal because it should be administered regularly for a long period of time for it to become effective. Side effects include circulatory and heart problems, abnormal cholesterol levels, and liver damage. Abuse of testosterone may also cause prostate cancer.

Men who use testosterone to build muscles may become infertile. However, the full ranges of side effects of testosterone in athletes are still unknown since it would be unethical for researchers to make a scientific study to athletes regarding steroid abuse.

Testosterone certainly can help build muscles and other benefits are potentially there but it has those negative points too.…

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Fitness Tips: Improve Heart Health and Lose Weight by Simply Walking

Many people these days see the need to follow fad diet for them to lose weight quickly. The truth is that there is no effective and safe quick lose weight program. The right process for losing weight is gradual and involves determination from people who want to lose weight and get healthy lifestyle. Walking is one of the simplest and safest forms of exercise that will help you to get desired results.

walkingWalking will not only benefit people who want to lose weight but also to those with heart condition. It lowers the bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and raises the high-density lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol). Results of several studies showed that people who walk an average of 30 to 60 minutes per day have less chance of developing cancer and heart disease.

Walking can also lower blood pressure and help strengthens the immune system. People who have difficulty in breathing can be benefited from walking.

Taking a walk around three miles per hour can burn as much as 263 calories every hour. If you can increase the pace, you can burn as much as 366 calories per hour.

Make sure to warm-up by stretching your muscles prior starting your walking routine. Cooling down after walking is equally important to avoid muscle pain and injury. Slowing down your pace at the near end of walking is a great cool down exercise.

Choose a place where there are lots of people who also do walking or running exercise. This will add motivation for you to walk and it feels great to be surrounded with people doing exercises as you do.…


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