Determining Realistic Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

Whether you want to build muscles or lose weight, it is essential to plan your workout to fit your fitness goals. It is common to most people to decrease their enthusiasm as their fitness goals get further. The best way not to give up your exercise along the way is to set realistic fitness goals and that you have a detailed plan to attain them.

Common Fitness Goals

Always failing your goals may mean either you set unrealistic goals or you are not equipped with enough knowledge to achieve them. You should know what you want and the right approaches or techniques to get desired results.

fitness goalsLosing fat is probably the most popular goal nowadays and to be successful you need to burn more calories than you consume. Burning extra 500 calories each day will mean losing around a pound a week.

While lose weight is popular in search engines, there are also many people who have difficulty keeping the weight on. If this is your case, you might be looking to build muscle that is also difficult just like losing weight. Careful attention to diet is also needed in building muscles. You should eat more calories than you are burning and lift heavy weights. By simply lifting weights, you can surely gain muscles but if you want to put some size, it requires extra work, calories and commitment.

The simplest fitness goal is maybe to become just healthy. Even now you can start being healthy by drinking some water, eat fruits and vegetables, take a walk and many more things you could do.…

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Why Is It So Hard to Lose the Last Ten Pounds? And Why Is It Harder to Lose Weight the Smaller You Get?

Anyone who tried to lose weight is familiar with those final five or ten pounds. If you search in Google and type “last ten pounds” you will get different weight loss advice.

The main reason for this very hard to lose last five or ten pounds is what they commonly called diet fatigue. This happens because of repetitive behaviors that dieting requires such as weighing portion sizes, keeping a food journal and skipping glass of wine. These things are hard to manage and often boring.

Dieters become less careful without realizing it. However, there is an easy solution for this. If your weight started to decrease slower than before, just write down what you eat in a food journal. Keeping food journal is always important.

There is also a possibility on the need for recalculation. Metabolic rate drops when a person starts to lose weight. In straightforward manner, that person needs fewer calories to get basic functioning and requirements. A 160-pound woman will drop her metabolic rate when she will drop to 140-pound. This is the reason why it is necessary to reevaluate caloric needs after more than ten pounds of weight loss.

lose weightTaking fewer calories in maintaining a lower body weight does not solely mean you need to eat less volume. Although, eating less volume maybe needed, fewer calories consumption may achieve by eating more nutrient dense foods with fewer calories such as vegetables, lean meats, vegetables, etc.

There is another thing to consider about metabolism which is called metabolic adaptation.

When trying to lose weight, the body is forced to function on a reduced number of calories everyday. Eventually, your body will get used to it without losing weight. This survival mechanism of the body is its way to protect you from starvation. Once you get this stage, your body will only lose a few pounds that come off much more slowly and you will not realize that the pounds you lose may start to come back.

So, what you do about this? The answer is not exercise but this does not mean you will stop to exercise. Please continue to do so. Many articles would tell you that building muscle mass will rev up your metabolisms since muscle tissue burns more calories per hour than fat tissue. This is true but the difference in caloric burn rate is just minor.

Metabolic adjustment phase is the solution in addition to food journal efforts and calorie intake recalculation. Increasing meal sizes for two weeks is advised rather than reducing calories. This phase is not for you to lose weight but it is intended to allow the ability of your body to metabolize an increasing number of calories.…

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Lifetime Fitness: How to Lose Weight Quickly

Many individuals who are obese want to shred pounds through effective lifetime fitness routines. If you’re obese, you are at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and other related problems.
Most obese individuals want to lose weight as fast as possible forcing their selves to follow all methods immediately to shred some pounds. However, doing this is not necessary if you are obese. The right thing for you to do is to make a few changes at a time until getting the right combination for you. The following are some suggestions for you to follow that could help you lose weight quickly.

Minimize drinking coffee or tea if you like to have it with cream and sugar. Coffee and tea are not hindrance in losing weight fast but if you add them with sugar and cream, that is the time they become as source of fats. Studies show that a cup of coffee or a tea with at least two cubes of sugar and has cream is equal of having a big piece of rich chocolate cake.

If you like coffee or tea that much, go for the black one. Black coffee and tea are generally good for health and lifetime fitness but tea is much preferred. Coffee has caffeine which could affect other functions of your system such as the metabolism.

Monitor the calories as you eat. It is very helpful to know how much calories in the food you eat since you can tell whether you already exceeded the daily required amount. Be sure to read the label if the food is packed.

Ensure to burn extra calories that you get by the end of the week. If you happen to know that you get extra calories, be sure to burn those calories by the end of the week through exercise.

Stay away from fried foods. Fried foods can give you weight fast since they are cooked in oil or fat. Even if the oil seems to be drained completely, there is certainly oil within those foods.

Eat three times a day on time. Do not skip meals because it is not good for your health. Our body is designed to have meals three times a day.

Choose fresh vegetables over cooked or canned vegetables. Try to consume vegetables raw because when you cook them, half of their vitamins will be taken out. Canned vegetables have preservatives making them ineffective to lose weight quickly. Also, wash fresh vegetables first before eating them to take away chemicals.

Only consume an egg a day. If you want to lose weight and live a lifetime fitness but like egg so much, don’t go more than one a day or if possible just thrice a week.

Be careful in eating chocolates. Pure chocolates are not bad and would not hinder on your effort to lose weight quickly but there are chocolates available which are not pure. Some chocolates are even having more sugar and cream than the chocolate itself.

Go for different kind of foods under all food groups daily. Not only eating foods under all food groups daily can protect you from various diseases, it also help you to experiment different kinds of foods allowing you not to get bored with your diet. (c) 2012…

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Lifetime Fitness to the Fullest

If you happen to research on the best food diet, you may found several tips and suggestions and more often than not, you came across conflicting ideas on how to get good results in your lifetime fitness program. This will make your task even more difficult because you are not sure which diet plan fits you most.

Conflicting Ideas on Effective Diet

The most common suggestions of health experts are the following: you need to consume more lean protein than carbohydrates if you want to have sexy and healthy body. Meanwhile other experts would say that as people get older, they only need less protein as evident in the mother’s milk wherein its composition has lesser protein when baby gets older and the animals which people eat as source of protein, did not get their protein by consuming protein but rather amino acids.

What is the Effective Lifetime Fitness Program?

Is consuming milk can get you good result or not? Does eating vegetable could make you strong or weak? Does taking fat actually makes you fat automatically? The answers to these questions may vary from different books that you choose to read.

So, now, here is my simple suggestion for you to apply on your lifetime fitness program. Just follow results. This is a commons sense approach, trial and error. Try a diet program for a week and observe the results. If you think that you are on the right track, then keep going and if not, follow the other suggestions from other health experts. Continue to experiment until you get results that you want.

What is the Best Diet Program to Follow?

If trial and error approach is annoying to you, then just consider the verified fact that consuming fewer calories than usual could give you effective results because human body is designed that way. Remember that extra calories are stored as body fat and the more you consume calories, the more fat your body store. Meanwhile, by consuming fewer calories, your body would use your fat reserves to give you energy. Any diet plans that contradict to this accepted truth need further examination and may not be effective to anybody.

There are programs out there claiming that they are effective allowing you to eat anything with less exercise. Keep in mind that what you eat and how you use your body are all that matter in getting effective diet program. Consuming a lot of natural food and doing more exercise, the better when it comes to your lifetime fitness program.…