Fitness Goals: Build Back Muscles and Stay Strong Physically


If you have ever had back troubles, you realized an essential truth from the pain: the back is put to use in nearly every movement that people make.

That is why you will be a much better sportsperson if you intentionally work on developing your back muscles. In addition, formidable back muscles can help avoid feared back troubles. It is not only the reality that well-built muscles offer a sort of support that covers bones during a tough impact; but building this substantial area of the body will additionally help keep at bay the usual back difficulties that painfully ruin individuals who are less active.

The most usual back issues are in the neck and lower back. The first and easiest approach to avoid them is by regular stretching. This makes tendons, which connect each end of the muscles to a bone, flexible and more protected to pulling or tearing. It is particularly crucial for the shoulder area, where rotator cuff disorders are so common for upper body athletes such as basketball and volleyball players.

The following are tried and tested back stretches that will work for everybody:

1. Sit in a chair or on an exercise ball and spread your legs slightly wider than shoulder width. Lean and reach between the feet to touch the floor.
2. Lay down on your back, flex knees up to chest and grip hands together behind knees, pull thighs towards the head while rounding your lower back.
3. Stand with your hands lightly clasped over your chest; turn your upper body to one side then to opposite side. Hold every position for 30 seconds.

fitness tipsWork the rhomboids by powerfully compressing the shoulder blades towards each other. Add level of resistance with seated rows, where you pull back strong with a two-handed grip connected to a cable, while again compressing the shoulder blades towards each other. Do bent-over rows, picking up a weighted bar from the ground while again compressing the shoulder blades. For bent overs, bend at the hips, not the waist, and keep the back straight, don’t curve.

The latissimus dorsi, or lats, are big muscles which go from the front of the underarm all the way to the backbone, can be strengthened with the popular lat pulldown, seen at every fitness center. Adjust your grip to work the whole muscle. Move your grip from wide to narrow on the bar; do it with fingers turned both outward and inward.

Another essential set of muscles to develop and beef up are the spinal erectors, 2 thick columns of muscle on either side of the spine. Developing them provides better protection to the backbone, but just as essential, solid spinal erectors provide an athlete more balance and power. The ideal activity for these muscles, given that you have no back issues, is the great morning. Put a bar on the back of the neck and shoulders. Keeping the back straight, gradually bend over until the bar is parallel to the floor, and then carefully straighten up. Verify with the doctor to find if you are in condition to do this exercise.

Lastly, do not ignore the obliques, essential key muscles on the side of the body. They are seldom thought of as back muscles, but their inputs with turning movements contain a lot of participation with the back. While many fitness centers have an oblique bench, you can get similar benefit at home, just by holding a dumbbell or weight plat against your upper body while turning from side to side and bending over from side to side.

When your back muscles are formidable, your athletic gains will strengthen significantly.


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