Your Food Might Not Be Natural Like You Think

You might think that the natural foods you buy are all natural for all your lifetime fitness goals. However, think twice as there are foods that are advertised as natural but made artificially. The people selling the foods to you always matter since anything can be done, either naturally or artificially.

In December 2011, a lawsuit was brought by a resident in California against Frito-Lay for advertising Sun Chips and Tostitos as all natural though they were made with genetically modified (GM) corn. This case was followed a lawsuit carried by law firm Milberg LLC of New York City against ConAgra for marketing its canola oil as natural though it was only produced from genetically crop.

Nowadays, both of these cases brought one of the serious issues in the food movement, which is the labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods. Since the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the term “natural,” there are different views on the perfect meaning of natural. You can never say that the food is natural as long as it is made naturally.

It is found that all processed foods on store shelves contain ingredients produced from genetically modified crops or GMOs such as soy, corn, canola and cotton. ABC News, Consumers Union, Reuters and the Washington Post conducted public opinion polls on the lifetime fitness issue. All polls found that almost all citizens in the United States of America want the labeling of genetically modified foods, which was already implemented in other countries, to be implemented for safety purposes.

According to the chief executive officer of the organic dairy Stonyfield Farms, Gary Hirschberg, even China and Russia are already implementing the same policy in their respective governments.

In the fall of 2011, a campaign called “Just Label It” was initiated for moving forward with the mandatory labeling policies. Filed with the FDA, the campaign has attracted thousands of public comments favoring the implementation of the labeling laws.

It has been recognized that most people are promoting sustainability and lifetime fitness. This is largely due to the increasing number of people getting sick of diseases, some of which are unknown. (c) 2012

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