Diet Coke & the Basics of Sugar

Diet is important if you want to lose weight. Maybe you tried Diet Coke before and wonder why there are a lot of Diet Coke softdrinks available in the market and why they have different faces.

Diet Coke is not a bad idea since you are trying to lessen your sugar intake. However, keep in mind that diet drinks can be addicted because of its artificial sweeteners. You may tend to drink a lot because of misconception that diet drinks do not have ill-health effects.

Initially, diet drink of Cola-Cola did not carry its brand name for a long time. The company experimented with the Tab logo instead. Coke only decided to put label on its diet drink when Pepsi introduced their Diet Pepsi. The original Diet Coke was released in 1982 and was not an altered Coke formula but rather a brand new formula with no sugar content. A year later the company put aspartame and saccharin, both are artificial sweeteners. Coke then switched to NutraSweet when Diet Rite cola began using “100% aspartame” text on the label as a marketing strategy.

When another artificial sweetener Splenda became popular, the company developed a Diet Coke with Splenda product. Splenda Diet Coke did not sell well and the company decided to create a new formula called Coca-Cola C2. The new formula has half the carbs of the original Coca-Cola. After a year, Coca-Cola Zero followed and it is still in the market until now. This product addressed what many nutritionists hate when it comes to softdrinks, the calorie content. Indeed, the new Coca Cola Zero has zero calorie, only has sugar and other flavors.

However, many health-conscious individuals stay away from Coke Zero because of artificial sweeteners. Some research revealed that aspartame and other sweeteners pose danger to health.

There is nothing wrong to drink Coca-Cola or Diet Coke but you need to drink in moderation. If you are thirsty, consider water as your first option. Just go for Coca-Cola as occasional treat to yourself. (c) 2012

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