New Resolutions From American Fitness to Better Employee Health in 2012

New Year resolutions are being offered by American Fitness in this year 2012 to help employers improve the health and fitness of their employees. People in the United States are often aware that they need to make moves for improving their health to have lifetime fitness due to the fact that the number of Americans who acquired serious health conditions in relation to poor eating habit and lack of exercise is increasing.

However, it can be hard for many to start improving their health since we need more time, access to healthy food options and gym equipment. Also, depression, stress and other mental difficulties from work or at home are preventing us to lose weight and have a better body shape.

As this problem continues, American Fitness suggests employers to make the necessary steps in order to help their workers to have healthier lifestyles without compromising their profit margins. Companies can implement a wellness and fitness program wherein employees across the departments are encouraged to take exercise breaks. A lifetime fitness center with commercial exercise equipment can be very useful in helping these people get into shape and have savings for the company.

According to the president of, Rob Thompson, the insurance premiums and medical care cost will continue to rise as long as the people continue to have no healthy diet and proper time for exercise. He notes that there should be support for those Americans who are aiming to become healthy and that it can be very rewarding if there are discounts offered on the purchase of home gym equipment. Financing an onsite physical fitness center is a great of help too, Thompson adds. Doing this way could help companies reduce the number of absentees, attain improved productivity and eventually save health care costs while making their employees become more healthy and happy.

American Fitness advises companies and organizations of different sizes to begin the year 2012 with steps for establishing a successful lifetime fitness program.

Team building activities can be very effective in encouraging employees to lose more weight and get into shape. Offerings inside the company vending machine should be evaluated and company should think of healthy foods and drinks to put in. Employers should help employees get discounts if they purchase gym equipment to make it easier for them when making lifestyle changes while at home.

Incentives are great driver when it comes to getting the participation of employees in a health lifestyle program. Employees can take a short break to exercise in a fitness center within the company since they can be too tire to go to the gym because of family responsibilities and long working days. It is also important that the gym is equipped with quality equipment. (c) 2012

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