Lifetime Fitness: Tips for Following Fitness Resolution

New Year’s resolution was probably the easiest thing to make particularly when it comes to fitness. Some people are not keeping their fitness resolution because of some temptations. Fitness expert Dai Manuel says it is about creating a positive journey.

Manuel suggests making your peers accountable for your diet or New Year’s fitness resolution. He says that it is helpful to use a group of people whom you trust very well to hold accountable for your lifetime fitness. He explains that a group of people you trust is going to help you to stay on track. However, you need to be realistic.

Manuel explains that most people often set high goals because they think that if they fail with their goals they will end up still fine. Just like aiming to shoot the moon and end up hitting the stars. However, this is not effective and not necessary at all. He says that small victories can sometimes go a lot further.

So, Manuel suggests celebrating after reaching a mini-milestone because the more achievement you made with those small milestones, the more positive you get in your lifetime fitness program. (c) 2012


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