Beginner’s guide: How to get fit for lifetime

Every one of us dreamed to have a stunning figure; good curves for women and well-built muscles for men. However, there are many websites promising you to get fit within weeks or a month in just minimal efforts but you haven’t seen any changes. You wake up every morning and look yourself on the mirror, but then nothing happened and you desperately want to get into shape. It’s time for you to understand how really things work. First thing is first, you need to adhere to these three spices as part of your training to getting lifetime fitness.

Nerd Fitness titled these three spices as the TriForce of Winning:

  • Education: You need to fully understand the science of fat burning and building perfect, healthy, and strong muscles. Once you have fully understood it, it’s time for you to know HOW to do it.
  • Inspiration: You need to set up your inspiration for you to achieve your goal in life, to become sexy or fit. If you want to become sexy so that your partner in life won’t look for another woman, then use it as your motivation! Inspiration is the most vital element at pursuing your dream to have a healthy and fit body. It acts as your fuel for you to keep going. Without it, you would not succeed.
  •  Support: Let others help you throughout your journey at pursuing your dream. You couldn’t do it alone; you need someone to assist you throughout your workouts to avoid injuries. In short, you need someone to keep you going.

Once you have successfully combined these three spices throughout your training, then you wouldn’t believe what you will get. The next tips will help you do what are needed for you to achieve what you dreamt for.


1. Adhere your New Year’s Resolutions’ list
If you have listed all your New Year’s Resolutions, then don’t just leave them on the paper. Achieve your goals by doing them. Don’t just sit there watching your favorite movie while eating your favorite Big Mac. Change your habit! Do what you need to do; reluctance is not welcome in this training. Don’t just think of your goals, but do what are needed for you to achieve your goals.

Now, How to set your goals…

• Make sure that your goals are super SPECIFIC. List them and write what are needed for you to achieve them.
• Append new habits, write them on a calendar, or set an alarm so that you won’t forget them. And the most important thing, DO IT EVEY DAY!
• You must understand that things don’t instantly change. You need to be patient when doing this. This is not what those fanzy website telling us things to do to lose weight within 5 days, weeks or worse, instantly. Do not expect overnight results, flat abdomen on tomorrow, and other promises. You need to fully understand that there are processes need to be followed to successfully achieve your dreamed body.

lifetime fitness2. Know your WEAKNESS
If you failed on your previous training or haven’t seen any changes, then you should ask yourself “Why?” “Where did you go wrong?” Maybe you got bored on some training you did or you got sick few days after your program. It is always crucial to consult your physician for proper cardiovascular excises, what are the do’s and dont’s, before doing so. Once you have indicated all your weaknesses, avoid them, and always do alterations. Frequent injuries or sickness during your training may diminish the possibility of acquiring healthy and fit body.

3. Change your Diet to healthy one
Many people commonly neglected the importance of diet. Many men eat a lot of carbohydrates believing that it could help them achieve well-built muscles when in fact it’s not! Carbohydrates are a simple form of Sugar and give us energy; you keep on feeding your muscles with energy when it needs protein. However, forgetting the importance of protein and others may lead muscles to slowly weaken for years. Carbohydrates gives us energy to do work, protein are made up of amino acids to rehydrate are exhausted muscles. Proper formula of nutrients’ intake base on your daily activities should be done within the training or even after to acquire lifetime fitness. Believe me, 80% of your success comes from proper diet and not just exercise.

Well, when talking about food, we just can’t resist about it. But thinking of the things you want, they are just probably more significant than eating a lot of your favorite fatty sandwich. For you to successfully let go of your worship, then you should forget your favorite foods! Always think what you get on a food and NOT WHAT IT TASTES.

4. Do activities that make you Happy
If you want to run for sometimes, then do it frequently. Play Basket Ball? Soccer or Ultimate Frisbee? Lift weights or even yoga for girls? Then your workouts won’t suck at all! Burning calories most of the time will help you get a healthy and fit body. You need to burn calories more than you eat calories. If your favorite sport is chess, never mind about that, throw up the towel! And look for anything that makes your whole body work! Always remember that humans are created genetically active. Therefore, if you haven’t met the perfect activity for you, then seek for it until you find it. Once you found it, frequently do it! I mean everyday!

Please be reminded that 80% of your success or even failure comes from diet. The remaining 20% goes to body exercises. If proper and healthy diet is perfectly combined with proper workouts or exercise, then you wouldn’t believe the results. They both help you burn your lazy fats and calories, build more muscles, and at the same time strengthen your heart, increase your stamina and flexibility. Once you have seen the results, maintaining wouldn’t be the problem anymore, it is already there! And your mind wouldn’t think about your favorite fatty food again, but instead, of those of healthy foods that keeps your stomach starve for more because you know they are healthy.

5. Do 1-4
Doing 1-4 will help you achieve your goal. Again, you need to always remember the three spices of losing body weight or getting a fit body – Education, Inspiration, and Support. Now, you just finished the first spice, the Education – that’s the first to forth tip. Once you have educated yourself of proper diets and workouts, then it is now time for you to proceed on the second spice…


Once you have already educated yourself on proper diets and exercises, your next step to fulfilling your dream is to set your inspiration. Now, ask your self…Why do you want to get in shape?
• Was it to impress your sexy/handsome co-worker or classmate?
• Or planning to win a fitness competition?
• You wanted to become a hot mom or dad?
• Wanted to be fit for lifetime?
• Your partner begged you to get rid of you lazy fatty stomach?

Or prove your sexy/fit neighbor that you can also be like him/her?
Well, you have more reasons why you want to get in shape. Don’t just think of it while laying on the bed but write down all your inspirations. Put your daily activities or exercises on a calendar and always remember why you are doing this. Again, inspiration is your motivation to overcome one problem, and once you have set up your inspiration, always put it in your mind and do not forget it! Once you forget it, it is just like raising a flag in the war and you just lose the game.

If you go to gym, you would see people bringing picture of a hot guy or woman with them. What’s that for? That is one of setting you inspiration. You wanted to be like Arnold? Then always look on his picture and build more muscles or you wanted to become Angelina? Do more fat burning exercise and some workouts to make your body proportional. Envy is NOT bad all the time. Sometimes, we do envy to be like that person, and that is one part of achieving your dreamed body.

Once you have indicated all your inspiration, it is time for you to taste the third spice…


Sometimes, doing workouts alone is boring. When you got bored, everything is compromised. Also, when doing workouts alone sometimes lead to fatal injury. Bringing someone to your workout activity will help you succeed. First, there is someone who will assist you throughout your training, and second you won’t get bored.

Call a friend and encourage him/her to change her lifestyle and do it like yours. When both of you became enthusiastic, then it won’t be hard for you to do your training anymore. You help each other; assist each other so that no one would be injured at the end of the day. It is also important to tell your friends about the changes you have noticed. Hearing your friends’ admiration is the best relief you could have after a long run of workout or training.
If you wanted to be hotter than your buddy, then forget about your buddy! Go to gym and meet stronger people, lift weights with them or run with them. If you want more training techniques, then asked people who are more educated than you and do what it says.

Once you have successfully combined these three spices to getting a healthy and fit body, then it won’t fail you in the end. Putting your goals in the heart gives you real motivation that keeps you hungry for more. Remember, don’t just think of your goals, but do what are needed to achieve your goals! Stop watching your favorite movie; eat a lot of chocolates or hamburger! Get yourself a healthy lifestyle, work, eat proper diet, and avoid unhealthy worship.

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