Becoming Mentally Healthy

For many people, becoming healthier and achieving lifetime fitness are two of the main goals every time the New Year comes. We tend to focus only on our physical health without thinking the condition of our mind.

According to Kyle Pertuis, founder and owner of Greenville, South Carolina-based Mind Fit Coaching, renewing and reenergizing our mental focus are very important, most especially for people who are unemployed or pursuing a new job. He said that lifetime fitness and physical wellness are often the main focus of every person. Understanding that our thoughts are the center when identifying every move we make plays a huge role when it comes to job hunting, he added.

Pertuis offers the following lifetime fitness advice on becoming physically and mentally fit for this year 2012:
Starting this year with a positive attitude and strong commitment would perhaps the best way to likely have the best outcome. Make ways to avoid interacting with things and people that could make your energy drained. You must know that the level of our energy is what determines your attitude.

Also, try to concentrate and know yourself better. This is commonly advised by job advisors as you set out on your next move for your future.

Pertuis notes the new interests are revealed by personal development and a review of your strengths and weaknesses. Determining the source of your motivation is a great of help too. You must be able to discover the areas where you are best in or feel strong.

In addition, Pertius advised looking for things that keep you motivated. Sharing the areas that make you best and strong with your prospective employers would give you a higher chance of getting hired.

Importantly, you must always have the confidence during the interview process. Being confident just means that you know yourself and what you are capable of. Employers can easily recognize job applicants who are qualified for the position they want.

Furthermore, you should always have accountability in doing something. Try to be always committed to staying with your plan for job search. Be always responsible and persistent to be successful in the future.

By following the tips provided above, you can always have the advantage when searching for the position you desire to apply for.

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