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Cost-Friendly Sensors for New Smartphone Fitness Devices

There will be new earbuds that are specifically designed for monitoring biometric information such as the rate of heart beat and maximal oxygen consumption. These new earbuds are capable of transmitting data off to the smartphones of users.

The earbuds have sensor chips from Raliegh, North Carolina-based Valencell. According to Valencell founder and chief executive Steven LeBoeuf, the sensor chips are being licensed by the company to earbud providers. However, the spokeswoman of the company made it clear that they do not decide for the launch dates of the products from business partners. She added that the release of earbuds that use the technology is expected in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Along with other technology companies showing health and lifetime fitness gadgets, Valencell is benefiting from both smartphone connectivity and sensor technology. Nowadays, sensors are becoming smaller and cost-friendly. The capability of sensors to connect to iPhone and Android devices enable gadget companies not to make screens into such devices. In this way, complexity and expenses are dramatically reduced.

In late 2011, a lifetime fitness wristband called UP was launched by Jawborne. This has sensors that can link to an iPhone application. Recently, the company was forced to cease the production of the device due to flaws in the battery.

Also a maker of a wireless speaker and Bluetooth headsets, Jawborne entered into the lifetime fitness market as the device successfully transmitted data on movements and sleep patterns to a mobile device.

Dexcom, a provider of glucose monitoring devices, is making efforts to put a sports data transfer technology called Ant+, into its Seven Plus Glucose monitor. The technology is capable of providing cyclists with data from a power meter on a cyclometer.

A sensor on a patch attaching to the abdomen, Seven Plus monitor is set to go into product testing later in 2012. IT helps people with diabetes to monitor the levels of their blood sugar throughout the day.

On the other hand, a foot pod called miCoach Speed_Cell was recently introduced by Adidas. Even without cables, the Addidas device can transfer data to computers, tablets and smartphones.

Different from Nike+ gadgets, the Adidas device is capable of tracking motion in every direction, making it useful for people playing basketball and soccer.

Devices for Healthier Lifestyle

It is common to us to go the gym and make different styles of workout to get into shape. However, technology advances have changed the way we do to achieve lifetime fitness. So here are some technological devices designed to make you have a healthier lifestyle by helping you set your objectives and stay on the right path.

Basis is a device that utilizes sensors to keep tabs on you health. Though it may look like an ordinary digital watch on its surface, you may soon discover the benefits it has to offer. Unlike Jawbone UP, Basis has several sensors for tacking more data, including temperature, rates of heart beat, oxygen level of the blood, temperature levels of sweat, motion and blood pressure. Basis is made from a creative and health-friendly concept for lifetime fitness since it provides users with detailed information on your sleeping and exercise habits and overall health. Described as a part watch, Basis was awarded with the CES Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Awards in the health and wellness category.

Another device designed for achieving healthier lifestyle is the highly intelligent Withings WiFi Body Scale. By just stepping on this device, you can collect and monitor the percentage of your body fat, weight and body mass index. Available for about $ 160 from ThinkGeek, this device sends the data to accessible via computer, Android devices, or a private dash dashboard. So it is very flexible to use with ease in data storage. You can either keep the data collected private or share it to important people like your lifetime fitness trainer and doctor. You can even share it to the people in the social network Twitter.

Also, available from San Francis-based BitGym, Fit Freeway is a device that allows you to play while exercising on a cardio machine. It costs $2.99 in iPhone and $4.99 in iPad. With real-life running speed, you can control an automobile and steer with the tilt of you head. Its lite version is available for free.

Moreover, the application Skimble’s Workout Trainer has any workout for you to reach your goals of having lifetime fitness. With a database of different kinds of exercise routines, Skimble is available for people involved in physical fitness. Available for Android and iOS devices, Skimple works on Apple TV, wherein step-by-step instructions are provided using photos, audio and videos to explain the proper ways for doing the workouts. Whether you are doing bodyweight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gym, you can get into better shape with workouts coached by professional personal trainers. (c) 2012

Advanced Fitness Workouts

A high-tech powercycling program and an anti-gravity treadmill could be the best for you to work out and have a healthier lifestyle.

Though it may look life an ordinary apparatus in the gym, the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill gives you a new way of getting sweat. The Alter-G treadmill calibrates to allow you to minimize the weight of your body and increase your running speed. You are zipped into this spacecraft-like machine by wearing a special pair of shorts. Having the same anti-gravity technology at NASA, this machine provides you the opportunity to go back to the sport you love without risking yourself of getting injuries or physical trauma.

According to personal training manager Lindsay Dettbarn of Equinox in New York City, the most evident lifetime fitness benefit of this machine is that you are able to reduce your weight. This is especially beneficial to people who are either recovering from injuries or trying to avoid injuries.

This machine does not only works to professional athletes or extreme distance runners, but also to teenagers and senior citizens. Alter-G can be used to work on mechanics to enhance your running pace while correcting your stance and position.

Access to this machine has been offered by several athletic and fitness facilities as well as physical therapy clinics. Designed for achieving lifetime fitness, Alter-G is just fun and surely the right machine for you.

Power Cycling Program
A new cycling program provides you the chance to connect your street bikes with pedal push analyzer CompuTrainers. Going away from busy and cold streets is one of the advantages that this idea offers. Bring your bike inside to be linked up to this system. Put some personal data about weight and height after strapping on a heart rate monitor, then can start riding for your lifetime fitness goals.

The screens of this computerized training system reflect outdoor courses intended for improving your riding skills.

Fitness coach Anna Maria Miller of Chelsea Piers Performance Center in New York City said that this system offers users a training outdoor experience by giving you the resistance to simulate climbing hills. Providing the chance to have lifetime fitness for long-term, It helps riders to gain power, efficiency and endurance by monitoring power output, power to weight ratio, and strengths and weaknesses with intervals and pedal drills.

It works for people of all levels in any age bracket. By getting the same workout, you can be working on your personal target power and heart rate. It offers you the health benefits you need through this healthy riding experience.