Weight loss tips

Lose Weight by Eating More

People who want to lose weight also want lasting results. Here are tips for you to achieve that goal.

– Never skip breakfast

Taking breakfast will give you energy that the body needs to consume throughout the day. Additionally, eating healthy foods during breakfast can prevent you to go for snack foods in the vending machine.

• Try to eat oatmeal or a quinoa to supply your body complex carbs, fiber, protein, and healthy fat. Begin with half cup of hot grains and put almond milk, berries, walnuts, honey and cinnamon. If this is not applicable in your area, go for a piece of multi-grain toast with banana and almond butter.

snack– Select healthy snacks

Snacks rich in protein and carbs are suggested so that you will not crave for more foods after just a few minutes of snacking.

• Eat small amounts of fresh fruit, vegetable, nuts and hummus every three hours.

– Consume complex carbohydrates

You can eat carbs at the same time have a great body but be sure to eat the right carbs. Processed and refined carbs should be avoided and instead eat brown rice, oats, and legumes, which are all filled with complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs give vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber which allow digestion to slow down thus, making you feel fuller longer. Refined carbs are full of added sugars which break down easily to give quick energy in the form of glucose. This is only good if you need quick energy such as running.

• Incorporate fruits, vegetables and whole grains into your daily diet. Limit refined carbs such as white pasta, white bread, and sugary baked goods.

– Eat good fats

Not all fats are made equal just like carbohydrates. Omega-3 fatty acids are the good fats, particularly EPA and DHA, both are god to your health. Results of different studies reveal that EPA, DHA and omega-3s can improve the health of heart, eye, brain, join, and skin.

• Try to eat fatty fishes such as tuna and salmon. Also fish oil supplements are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

– Do not forget to drink enough water daily

Water is the key of good health. Water is needed to stay hydrated, which is necessary to boost energy levels and promote healthy, glowing skin. Water also aids in flushing toxins and other waste products in the body.

• Drink water before every meal, about two 8-ounce glasses. This could also prevent you to overeat during the meal not to mention that it hydrates your body.…

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How To Lose Weight For Good

Lose Weight

It is a fact that there are people who love to eat and hate feeling hungry. Many think that these qualities hinder their chance on their goal to lose weight. Luckily, they are wrong. According to studies, feeling hungry is more than just no fun; it is not healthy and can actually make people harder to lose weight.

lifetime fitnessTechniques for people who want to lose weight

You do not need to stick with strict diet plan for weight loss. According to results of different studies, the best strategy is very simple. Consume nutrient-dense foods throughout the day rather than concentrating how much you are eating. It is more effective to be careful what you are consuming. Overeating is impossible to happen if your plate is filled with nutrient-packed foods.

It is a wise decision to shift from calorie counting to adopting a vegan diet. Lasting positive changes in life is almost automatic if you eliminate animal products. Additionally, vegan diet allows you to eat tasty food and leaves you completely satisfied.

Start Slowly

Changing your diet 360 degrees overnight can be overwhelming and not good to your health. Begin with just substituting one food and slowly add others. It is all about crowding out not cutting out.

To give you an idea of the best swaps, here are some below:

– Instead of drinking dairy milk, go for almond, hemp, rice, unsweetened coconut milk or soy.
– Instead of meat, choose tempeh, legumes, beans or tofu (non-GMO)
– Instead of cheese, opt for hummus or baba ganoush.
– Instead of eggs, select oatmeal, plant-based protein shakes or almond butter.…


Why Is It So Hard to Lose the Last Ten Pounds? And Why Is It Harder to Lose Weight the Smaller You Get?

Anyone who tried to lose weight is familiar with those final five or ten pounds. If you search in Google and type “last ten pounds” you will get different weight loss advice.

The main reason for this very hard to lose last five or ten pounds is what they commonly called diet fatigue. This happens because of repetitive behaviors that dieting requires such as weighing portion sizes, keeping a food journal and skipping glass of wine. These things are hard to manage and often boring.

Dieters become less careful without realizing it. However, there is an easy solution for this. If your weight started to decrease slower than before, just write down what you eat in a food journal. Keeping food journal is always important.

There is also a possibility on the need for recalculation. Metabolic rate drops when a person starts to lose weight. In straightforward manner, that person needs fewer calories to get basic functioning and requirements. A 160-pound woman will drop her metabolic rate when she will drop to 140-pound. This is the reason why it is necessary to reevaluate caloric needs after more than ten pounds of weight loss.

lose weightTaking fewer calories in maintaining a lower body weight does not solely mean you need to eat less volume. Although, eating less volume maybe needed, fewer calories consumption may achieve by eating more nutrient dense foods with fewer calories such as vegetables, lean meats, vegetables, etc.

There is another thing to consider about metabolism which is called metabolic adaptation.

When trying to lose weight, the body is forced to function on a reduced number of calories everyday. Eventually, your body will get used to it without losing weight. This survival mechanism of the body is its way to protect you from starvation. Once you get this stage, your body will only lose a few pounds that come off much more slowly and you will not realize that the pounds you lose may start to come back.

So, what you do about this? The answer is not exercise but this does not mean you will stop to exercise. Please continue to do so. Many articles would tell you that building muscle mass will rev up your metabolisms since muscle tissue burns more calories per hour than fat tissue. This is true but the difference in caloric burn rate is just minor.

Metabolic adjustment phase is the solution in addition to food journal efforts and calorie intake recalculation. Increasing meal sizes for two weeks is advised rather than reducing calories. This phase is not for you to lose weight but it is intended to allow the ability of your body to metabolize an increasing number of calories.…

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Fitness Tips: Improve Heart Health and Lose Weight by Simply Walking

Many people these days see the need to follow fad diet for them to lose weight quickly. The truth is that there is no effective and safe quick lose weight program. The right process for losing weight is gradual and involves determination from people who want to lose weight and get healthy lifestyle. Walking is one of the simplest and safest forms of exercise that will help you to get desired results.

walkingWalking will not only benefit people who want to lose weight but also to those with heart condition. It lowers the bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and raises the high-density lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol). Results of several studies showed that people who walk an average of 30 to 60 minutes per day have less chance of developing cancer and heart disease.

Walking can also lower blood pressure and help strengthens the immune system. People who have difficulty in breathing can be benefited from walking.

Taking a walk around three miles per hour can burn as much as 263 calories every hour. If you can increase the pace, you can burn as much as 366 calories per hour.

Make sure to warm-up by stretching your muscles prior starting your walking routine. Cooling down after walking is equally important to avoid muscle pain and injury. Slowing down your pace at the near end of walking is a great cool down exercise.

Choose a place where there are lots of people who also do walking or running exercise. This will add motivation for you to walk and it feels great to be surrounded with people doing exercises as you do.…


Sugar, Corn Syrup are Just Fine for Reduced Calorie Diet, According to Study

Fitness Tips

Researchers, examining the effects of sugar and corn syrup, recently take a look at the elements that can influence one’s diet.

fitness tipsThe results of the new study revealed that high fructose syrup and sugar are as good as reduced calorie diet. According to the researchers, people who are reducing their caloric intake while consuming similar amounts of sugar or high fructose corn syrup should lose weight.

The research debunks the vilification of high amount of fructose corn syrup in a diet. The results explain that regardless of the type or amount of added sugars, the equally decreased in calorie intake resulted the same weight loss. Researchers concluded that HFCS and table sugar are metabolically equivalent.

The scientists said that the results of the study should be a relief to people who are aiming to lose weight or to those who are concerned on consuming sugars that are added mostly in beverages and foods. The group examined sweeteners that are taken by people and also the level at which they are taken by people in the U.S.

The findings of the study are published in the Nutrition Journal.…

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A New Study Concludes Effective Weight Loss Strategies

A new study suggested that if you want to get rid of your extra pounds, you should not skip your meals. The study is the first to examine how changes in weight are affected by meal patterns, self-monitoring and eating behaviours. It reveals that a person who records what and how he eats and drinks in a food journal is more likely to lose weight.

lose weightThe findings of the study were based on women whose eating habits were tracked. These women, whose average age was 50 to 75 years, participated in the year-long dietary weigh-loss study. According to the researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, women who kept food diaries lost more pounds than those who did not. They discovered that those women who paid close attention to what they are eating can lose weight in just a shorter period of time.

From beginning to the end, the study assessed the dietary chance in the participants by asking them to complete a 120-item food-frequency questionnaire. At the end of the study, the researchers found that self-monitoring had really helped women to lose an average of 10 percent of their starting weight.

Moreover, the leading author of the study, Ann McTierman, concluded that basic strategies such as eating less and maintaining a food diary are very helpful for those people who want to lose weight successfully.…

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